Cycling in my city: Nottingham

The level of political support for cycling in Nottinghamshire has fluctuated over the years but is now pretty strong.

Nottingham City Council is now working closely with many partners including us – Pedals [active since 1979] – Sustrans, The Big Wheel (Greater Nottingham Transport Partnership), Ridewise (founded in 2005), and CTC, as well as the local health authority.

Notts County Council, which back in the 1980s had one of the strongest cycling reputations in the UK, slipped seriously backwards in this regard a few years ago.

But since the last County Council elections in May, it is now much more positive once again, even though a shortage of resources means that there is still some uncertainty as to how substantial their actions will be in light of this renewed political commitment (so far, at least; it is still early days).

A major preoccupation of Pedals’ campaigning efforts focuses on the construction of two new tramlines as part of the NET tram network, and the associated rebuilding of Nottingham Station. 

The Hub project
This has required a lot of effort over many years (going back to 2004). Even just getting purpose-built shared paths alongside tramlines did not proved 
as straightforward as we had hoped.

A constant problem over many years has been getting the Highways Agency to include proper provision in their various local trunk road schemes. Although some have taken this on board fairly well, eg the A46 Widmerpool-Newark scheme which was completed last year, in other cases we have great problems in getting cycling issues addressed seriously by the Highways Agency.

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