Find out which pro rider you are using just your Strava data

Strava Toolbox says that I'm Mark Cavendish. Well who am I to argue?

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Ever wondered with which pro rider you have most in common? Are you a sprinter like Cavendish, a puncheur like Gilbert, or a climber like Quintana? Well now you can find out using a neat online tool that will assign you to a pro rider based on your Strava stats.

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Designed by Marcello Brivio, an amateur cyclist from Italy, the Strava Toolbox connects to your account, analyses the rides, and crunches the numbers, before throwing out a whole load of interesting stats that aren’t available on Strava itself.

So for example it will not only tell me that I have 22 KOMs, but that the average length of these segments is 3.46km with an average gradient of 2.13%. However the majority (72.73%) of my KOMs are on flat segments, with a large number being on “sprint segments” of 1000m or less. All that means that my KOM profile matches Mark Cavendish. Apparently.

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Aside from that, the Strava Toolbox will give you reports on both your year-to-date and your all-time riding, which told be that I completed my first circumnavigation of the Earth only a couple of months ago, and that I have climbed nearly 100,000m more than Tim Peake did on his way to the International Space Station. Not bad, huh?

Finally it will also give you a list of people who you follow, but who don’t follow you back. Just so you know who doesn’t like you…

Head over the Strava Toolbox to give it a go.