London cycle theft survey highlights need for more bike stands and better locks

Survey of 1800 London cyclists finds that the capital is lacking in places to securely lock up a bike, and that 45 per cent of respondents have had at least one bike stolen

London needs more secure places to lock up bicycles, and that cyclists need to use better bike locks to secure their machines, a new survey has found.

The online survey commissioned by Stolen Ride and the London Cycling Campaign polled 1800 cyclists from the capital. It found that over 75 per cent of those who responded would like to see more bike stands in London as cyclists are forced to lock their bikes up in insecure locations. leading to more thefts.

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Of those who took part in the survey, a significant 45 per cent said that they had at least one bicycle stolen from them, with 19 per cent recording that they had had two or more bikes stolen. Only six per cent said that they have had their bike returned.

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The most common place to have your bike stolen in outside work.


A huge proportion of bikes stolen were locked up – 91 per cent. However, the survey found that the locks used were often poor and evidently ineffective.

Unsurprisingly, of those who had a bike stolen, 95 per cent subsequently invested in a better lock. It highlights the need to educate cyclists on which locks are the most effective in keeping their machines out of the hands of thieves.

Richard Cantle, founder of the Stolen Ride web service which was set up to help riders find their stolen bikes said: “I’m focused on helping to tackle the issues highlighted by this survey and today I announce that I’m going to be rapidly expanding Stolen Ride into cycle theft prevention and education in 2017.”


For many cyclists having their bike stolen is a traumatic experience, with 47 per cent saying that their bike is their most valuable possession, rating it ahead of their car, phone or anything else.

Despite this, only 4 in 10 said that their bike was insured against theft.