Look 795 Aerolight claims to be “most aerodynamic bike ever”

Big claims from the French brand about its new superbike

There were quite a few bikes turning heads when we visited the Bike Place show this week, none more so than the striking design of the new Look 795 Aerolight, a new frame for 2015 that takes integrated components to a whole new level.

In fact Look is saying that the 795 Aerolight, the heir apparent to the Look 675 and the subject of ten years of research and development, is the most aerodynamic road bike ever made. A big claim indeed, but on looks alone its easy to see why the high-end French brand is so confident.

_MG_5593 websize

The Aerostem its perhaps the most impressive part of the Look 795 Aerolight

Possibly the most eye-catching part of the 795 Aerolight is the sleek design of the integrated stem, slightly unimaginatively called the Aerostem, which blends seamlessly into the outrageously sloping top tube. The Aerostem allows for adjustment between -17º and +13º, and given its full carbon construction is also extremely light, hitting the Look company scales at only 149g.

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Neatly positioned below the stem are the entry points for the internal cabling. All the gear and brake cables enter the head tube immediately beneath the stem, with all the exit points located on the rear side of various tubes. As you’d expect the frame is fully Di2 ready, and even includes a special compartment for the Di2 junction in the top tube just behind the headset.

_MG_5600 websize

The internal cable routing is some of the neatest we’ve seen

Look also produces a 795 Light, with the thing setting the Aerolight apart from its sibling being the integration of the brakes. The front brakes are fully integrated into the fork using the Aerobrake2 system, while the rear uses standard Shimano Dura-Ace direct mount models, positioned just behind the bottom bracket.

_MG_5596 websize

The front brakes are fully integrated into the front fork using Look’s Aerobrake2 system

No prizes for guessing but the seat post is also fully integrated, with the new E-Post2 also containing space for a Di2 battery and having the option to fit either Monolink or standard rail saddles. Of course as well as working on full component integration, Look seems to have put plenty of work into the design of the frame itself. The frame is made from high grade 1.5k carbon fibre and apparently makes use of aerofoil tube shapes developed by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), a forerunner to NASA, for use in aeronautic. What this means are elongated tubes, with the design extending to the seatstays.

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Finally the Aerolight 795 comes equipped with Look’s own ZED2 crankset, which, at only 320g for the crank arms and spindle, is the lightest on the market. What’s more the French company claims that there is no downside to this super-low weight, with a “far superior” stiffness to weight ratio than its competitors.

_MG_5599 websize

Aerofoil tube shapes are present thorughout the frame

A handful of builds are available, including Dura-Ace Di2 and Ultegra Di2, but the model you see here comes with standard Dura-Ace groupset, a compact crankset. Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLS WTS wheelset, and aero-profiled 3T Aeronova Stealth handlebars. We didn’t have scales to hand, Look claims that the full bike will weigh you down to the tune of only a smidgen over 7kg. This build is available for £6999.99, with a frameset only cost of £4699.99.

For more details visit the Fisher Outdoor or Look websites.