Look Keo Blade pedals review

Look Keo Blade Ti pedal 2010
Cycling Weekly Verdict

Personally, I was grateful of the Q-Factor adjustment provided by the longer threaded portion. By leaving room for up to 2mm of spacers on each side, there was enough adjustment for me to find my desired pedalling position.

  • +

    Very light

  • +

    Good contact area

  • +

    Oversize axles

  • +

    Positive engagement

  • -


  • -

    No fine-tuning spring

The key concept of Look's new range-topping pedal is replacing the standard-wound steel retention spring with a carbon blade leaf spring.

Engagement is very positive, but the weaker 12Nm springs released too easily for my liking, so a swap to the 16Nm was required. This is the only alternative if you want a stronger retention spring, but I still felt I could still have done with a smidge more - was it so hard to include a tiny tension adjust screw? I miss the ability to fine tune.

The pedals are incredibly light. Our test set weighed under the stated 95g per pedal, at 180g for the pair. The wider body provides a huge contact patch, with a 60mm wide stainless steel platform, which will resist wear and gives you a really reassuring feeling under cleat. They've got that bit spot on. The oversized titanium axles are another welcome addition, strengthening the pedals against flex, which helps both power transfer and improves bearing life.