Should pro riders be allowed to take drugs? The argument has been put forward on many occasions over the years that there is little point in trying to continue the never-ending battlng against drugs in professional cycling. It’s a tough sport, they say, let them take what they want.

That argument was strengthened in recent weeks when, according to the Guardian newspaper, two university professors published a scientific paper entitled ‘Doctors, Doping and Anti-doping’. In it, the learned two from the University of Geneva and University of Pasley, Scotland, stated that doping should be allowed to continue as long as it was under medical supervision.

The flipside to the argument is more widely aired – a zero-tolerance approach to drug taking. Aside from adverse health aspects of doping, professional cycling could turn into an arms race won by the team with the biggest medical budget.

If doping were sanctioned in some form or another, would you limit the forms of doping? What would be allowed? If you impose restrictions of what was allowed, would you then be back to the same situation – that there will always be someone willing to push the boundaries?

This week, our homepage poll is asking whether you think the pros should be allowed to dope. So far, you opinion has been very one-sided: 95 per cent of you say ‘no’, only three per cent say ‘yes’, and the remainder are unsure.

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