If there is one area that you don?t tend to ever think about on your bike it?ll be the brake pads. Ashima are set to change all that with an exciting and aggressive looking range of road pads.

Now, we all know that brake pads aren?t sexy but we are pretty excited about these Aero units. With three distinct parts of the pad, the first section to hit the rim aims to reduce squeal with a multi-touch approach that shouldn?t resonate; the mid section provides the main stopping power and has a couple of grooves to help move water; while the final part is plough shaped to clear water and crud off the rim before it reaches the pad proper.

Added to this, the alloy shoe is heavily machined with a view to reducing weight and allowing air to circulate and improve pad cooling and ultimately stopping power. A simple wear indicator has even been built into the pad ? someone has really spent a long time working on these


At £19.99 a pad set with spare pads and £5.99 for further replacements the initial outlay isn?t cheap, but keeping them running should be bearable. If they perform, of course.

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