First Look: Look Keo Blade 2 pedals

Still keeping the namesake carbon blade and linear spring-tension, the biggest change in evidence here is a pedal chassis overhaul.

The carbon blade now has a wider surface area, making it more aerodynamic than previously. What’s more, its shallower silhouette should protect the body in the event of crashes or clipping in corners. The cleat area interface has also increased.

Look has cleverly managed to create more contact at the back and front while keeping exactly the same Keo cleat blueprint. This allows load to be spread more evenly across the toe-box area and rider’s foot. Best of all, Look has managed to do all this while using less body material, meaning that the titanium axle version now weighs just 90g — a five per cent saving on the original version.

The brand’s partnership with Mark Cavendish has also seen the development of three tension models, either 12, 16 or 20Nm springs. Most of us only need concern ourselves with the 12Nm version, but if you’re putting out big numbers, the 20Nm version could be the best one for you. Prices start at £139.99 for the chrono axle and go up to £224.99 for the titanium.