Fulcrum ‘Racing 7’ wheels to get lighter and stiffer for 2011

Italian wheel brand Fulcrum are updating their £150 ‘entry-level’ wheel set for the 2011 model year, available this Autumn.

The most notable change you can see will be the new plainer black finish with white graphics but both the hoops and hubs are completely redesigned within the same 24mm rim profile.

Starting with those rims, Fulcrum claim to have improved the production process so that the weight for a complete pair of wheels is reduced by 80g or so to 1,850g not including the quick-release skewers.

The front hub, which supports 20 plain-gauge 2mm round, radially-laced, straight-pull spokes, has beefed-up seating for the spoke heads as well as new sealed cartridge bearings. There’s also a clearer wear gauge on each rim.

The rear hub now looks quite different with a large flange on the right-hand or drive side. There are a total of 24 round 2mm spokes including 16 of them with a ‘j’ head on the drive side and the remaining 8 straight pull on the left, all laced in Fulcrum’s ‘2:1’ pattern which attempts to offer an ideal compromise between strength, compliance and rigidity.

As now, there will be a version with a cassette freehub body for Campagnolo drivetrains and another for Shimano and SRAM.