From first look to first ride, you know Fulcrum have made a top quality product with these Racing 3 wheels.

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Score 9

Fulcrum Racing 3 Wheelset



  • Good build quality
  • Light


  • White hubs are difficult to keep clean


Fulcrum Racing 3 Wheelset


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A milled rim reduces weight and gives the wheel set a high-end finish. The set weigh in at 1,558 grams on our scales, pretty close to the official weight of 1550g.

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At the rear of the Fulcrum Racing 3’s is a 2:1 spoke ratio, and an oversized hub flange to enhance stiffness on the drive side. It works, because they are stiffer than we expected for a light set of wheels.

The white hubs didn’t stay white for very long, and were a nightmare to clean, something you might want to think about if you like keeping your bike box fresh. Talking of your bike, the white hubs won’t suit every bike out there, so riders with a stealth black setup might want to look elsewhere.

The hubs are tough though, despite their delicate looks, and the aero inspired profile helps knock off a tiny amount of drag. It’s only a small detail, but it shows how companies are looking at aerodynamics in very small ways now, something that will only become more commonplace as products and technology progresses.

The rims are devoid of standard spoke holes, which makes for a stiffer ride all around.

The rims are devoid of standard spoke holes, which makes for a stiffer ride all around.

Thanks to that low weight, the wheels picked up speed easily, and once rolling they handled lumps and bumps readily. There was little fuss involved when out on a ride, even the freewheel tick of the hub was subtle enough to suggest that these wheels are humble in their talents.

Climbing was a real treat thanks to the stiffness, and none of your effort feels wasted as you climb. They were a pleasure to ride, and other than our cleaning woes, there isn’t anything significantly negative to say.

At £450, these wheels represent a significant investment. It’s more than we’d recommend paying for winter training wheels (and those white hubs wouldn’t last long anyway), so the price sits them at the starting bracket for wheels that might offer a benefit to keen amateur cyclists, riding across various disciplines.


For the price, there isn't much that stands out as being significantly better, and their performance will certainly make a notable difference to your ride.

Weight:1558 grams