Fulcrum Racing Zero wheels have been replaced at the top of the Fulcrum aluminium tree but the new refinements keep them bang up to date with all cycling trends

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Fulcrum Racing Zero



  • Impressively smooth hubs
  • Subtle graphics
  • Tubeless ready
  • Good on all terrains


  • Weight


Fulcrum Racing Zero wheels


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The Fulcrum Racing Zero wheelset was the original top of the range aluminium option from Fulcrum, offering all your performance needs whilst still remaining robust and durable. It has now, however, been superseded by the Racing Zero Nite and the Competizione at the top of the tree.

Though, the Fulcrum Racing Zero still holds it own in the racing wheel market and for a little over £800 – £849.99 to be exact – it remains in the upgrade wheel category and is a solid purchase for any budding racer.

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From the previous version of the Fulcrum Racing Zero wheels there have been a number of updates to suit the growing trends in cycling today.

Fulcrum Racing Zero wheels

Fulcrum Racing Zero wheels are a solid and stable racing option

Fulcrum now suggest that the rims are better suited to wider tyres. 25mm to 32mm, with its website not considering 23mm even as a recommendation. A rim width of 22.5mm is said to allow the wider tyre to sit squarer thus improving rolling resistance and aerodynamics.

A slight contradiction to other manufacturer claims of using a 23mm tyre at the front.

Fulcrum has also given the front rim more depth, up to 27mm (25mm previously), though the rear stays the same at 30mm. It has also been given ‘special triple milling’ which reduces peripheral weight.

All this adds up to give the Fulcrum Racing Zero wheels a spritely feeling and they certainly do feel stable corning and in general riding conditions. The rear wheel is deeper to help rigidity and even on the new Pinarello F10 – known for showing up flexy wheels – didn’t offer any noticeable flex.

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The front and rear hub use different materials to create the perfect balance of weight saving and torsional rigidity. At the front you’ll get a redesigned hub that is smaller and made of carbon to save weight. Whilst at the rear you have aluminium hub with a larger flange to help power transfer and limit wastage.

Fulcrum Racing Zero wheels

Carbon front hub and aluminium rear for the optimal weight and power transfer

Fulcrum also utilise ceramic bearings in the hubs and they are apparently 30 per cent lighter, 40 per cent more durable and 50 per cent smoother compared to the steel bearings used in other Fulcrum wheels, and you can notice the difference when rolling along on the flat.

Fulcrum finally pin all these together with some rather large alloy bladed spokes.

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This all adds up to make the Fulcrum Racing Zero wheels a very robust yet performing wheelset. They roll along the flat nicely and whip up at any speed well without a fuss. Sitting with wider tyres they help soak up road buzz but I wouldn’t say they are as wide as many on the market. Cero’s new Aero 30’s come up much larger in fact.

>>> Buy now: Fulcrum Racing Zero from Merlin Cycles for £649.99

However, the Achilles heel of the Fulcrum Racing Zero is weight. At just over 1500g they become a little uninspiring when climbing. Of course they are well built and remain a solid option for most scenarios but this taints them a little for me.

You can of course spend a little bit more money to get a lighter set of wheels from Fulcrum, but I’ve seen plenty of other options at a lower price point sitting 100g lighter. Saying that, these feel bomb proof and perform very well 97 per cent of the time, great for crit racing and road racing.


The Fulcrum Racing Zero wheels are good all-rounders for the price, even if weight can deaden the ride on hilly days. You'll at least be in the knowledge that nothing will be wasted in transferring your efforts to the road.


Total Weight:1518g
Rim Depth:27mm (front), 30mm (rear)