New cable integrated bars and stem from Pro

Bars and stem developed with Team Sky allows Di2 cables to be routed internally to battery

Shimano’s component brand Pro provides the cockpit for Team Sky’s Pinarellos and has been working with the team on its new Vibe bars and stems. Pro says its objective was to minimise turbulence over the bars and provide a sleeker front end.

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The bars are designed so that Di2 cables can run totally internally from the levers through ports in the bars. There is then the option to continue their internal run through the stem to a Di2 battery housed in the fork’s steerer. The bars will also work with standard mechanical shifter cables.

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New Di2 junction box can be housed in one of the bar ends

The bars are designed with an aerofoil profile for better aerodynamics. They are made of carbon fibre and incorporate a material which Pro calls Innegra, which it says helps control and limit damage from a crash or impact. They also work with the new junction boxes which are part of Shimano’s newly released Dura-Ace 9100 groupset and which can be placed in the ends of either of the bar’s drops instead of a bar plug.

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Pro claims a weight of 220g for the Vibe carbon bars, making them the lightest in its line-up. There are three bar variants: the carbon aero profile bar, a non-aero carbon version and an aluminium bar. Widths for the different models vary, but are between 38 and 44cm. They are all available with anatomic or compact bends.

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Vibe stem is designed for an aerodynamically clean profile

Vibe stem is alloy and designed for an aerodynamically clean profile

Meanwhile Pro’s new alloy Vibe stem has a narrow frontal profile, a low profile top cap and its faceplate’s titanium bolts screwed from the rear, which Pro says gives improved airflow as well as a cleaner look. It fits oversized 31.8mm bar diameters and steerers of 1 1/8 or 1 1/4 inches. The stem is available in 80 – 140mm length with 10 or 17 degree angle.