No time to edit your own action cam footage? Get a pro to do it for you

MooVmoo offers professional editing of action camera footage as a fixed price package

You know the feeling. You get back from your epic four hour Sunday ride, fall asleep on the sofa and before you know it it’s Monday again and all that lovely action cam footage of you cresting Box Hill languishes on your memory card until you have to delete it to make way for the next epic.

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Well help is at hand: London-based mooVmoo will edit your footage for you. You provide a video file which can be between 10 and 60 minutes long, choose to have it edited down to 1, 3 or 5 minutes, supply a title and director’s notes and choose a soundtrack. Then just sit back and within five days, mooVmoo will edit the footage and post the finished product to your account, sending you an e-mail to let you know it’s ready.

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Rather than using automated editing, mooVmoo has a team of human editors who work on your footage and who may be based anywhere in the world. And it has a handy series of videos giving you tips on what to do – and what not to do – when shooting your own video.

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MooVmoo aims to make professional video editing affordable and easy

MooVmoo charges a minimum of £30 for an edit and £3 per minute of additional footage which you upload beyond the minimum, so a 60 minute uploaded video will cost you £180 to have edited. It can also quote to produce longer videos if your oeuvre requires a broader sweep.

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And Veho, maker of the Muvi action camera has negotiated a 20% first-time discount for its customers, so there’s no excuse not to get the exciting bits of your ride recorded for posterity, sent to your mates and posted on YouTube.

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