Over at Giant it?s all action, with modifications aplenty plus a new time trial bike being developed for Michael Rogers.

In pre-race aerodynamic testing of Rogers? position, the team found that the former world time trial champion could gain a significant advantage (20 watts) if only he could drop his shoulders further.

To achieve this new position, a steeper seat tube was required plus a lower bar height to get his shoulders lower while keeping his output wattage the same. What you?re looking at here is the first version of the new frame, constructed from aluminium until the design is finalised and a carbon mould is constructed.

There are some fascinating details: Rogers prefers sandpaper to bar tape as it?s more aerodynamic and of course is grippier in bad weather. Sticking with the bars, you?ll notice a mishmash of products ? Pro, Zipp, in fact anything to get the exacting fit the Australian demands. But even on this alloy version the cable routing is exemplary and runs into the frame just behind the headset.

The seatpost clamp that has obviously been kicking around for some time. It has ONCE?s logo on it! The seatpost itself looks ONCE-era too.

Prototype Giant: low and fast

Front mech mount is low for 53T ring

Horizontal drop-outs give ultra-tight clearance

ONCE logo visible on seat collar


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