Product round-up: Lake, Oakley and Kontact Anatomic

Kontact Anatomic saddle
IT’S been a while since we saw any new saddle offerings that where trying to reduce perennial pressure and improve blood flow so we were intrigued to see this new take on the subject from Kontact.

Like others on the markets it has a built up area under the sit bones, where you should put your weight but differs in that it has a reduced width in the middle of the saddle and no slot.

The saddle itself is made by Velo, who make seats for a lot of big name manufacturers so the quality is a given. The base is carbon and plastic, the rails titanium and the top piece leather, while the weight of our test model is 196g and the price £79.

We’ll have a test for you as soon as we’ve got some meaningful ride thoughts.


Lake CX331
NEW to Lake’s range of shoes for this year are the CX331, an expansion of its custom mouldable range, the CX331 has most of the top of the range features but at a more friendly price of £249.99.

You’d be forgiven for thinking the 331 is the top of the range as it uses Kangeroo leather and mesh to create the upper, has an Outlast temperature regulating heel and tongue liner, plus E-soles custom foot beds.

At the heart is the internal Thermoform carbon fibre heel counter, which you heat in your oven and then mould to your foot. Two versions are available in either a three-bolt cleat design or a specific four bolt Speedplay version and they come in men’s sizes from 39-48, with women’s from 36-43.


Team GB Oakleys
WANT to support Team GB at the upcoming

summer Olympics and Paralympics while keeping your eyes shielded from

UV? You could do worse than take a look at these official Olympic

products from eyewear giant Oakley.

With two models to choose

from – the Flack Jacket XLJs with a grey polarised lens, or Radar paths

with Red Iridium lenses – there should be something to suit most head

shapes, and there’s no arguing with the optical quality.


official licensed Olympic products feature engraved Olympic rings on

the lens, along with a Team GB logo and will cease to be available on

the day of the Paralympic closing ceremony on September 9 2012


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