Oakley RadarLock Path 30 Years Sport Special Edition £205

Expensive option, but one that buys you possibly the best glasses on the market


  • Weight:
  • Weight:


  • Good fit
  • Super-clear lenses


  • Photochromic lenses only availabe as an expensive option

Price as reviewed:

£205.00 for Oakley RadarLock Path 30 Years Sport Special Edition £205 (photochromic lens available separately, £140)

Our staff smudgers love autumn. The changing colours of the hedgerows and the different light that varies from harsh white to soft gold, give them all manner of photo opportunities. For the rest of us, it usually means a lot of late afternoon squinting as the sun sits on the horizon before plummeting like a stone, rendering our dark glasses all but useless.

The solution is a pair of sunnies with photochromic lenses. These will react to changes of light quickly, meaning they’ll darken in strong sunlight but remain clear after dusk — ideal, then, for the commute home as the clocks go back and daylight hours lessen.

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Pretty much the pick of the pro peloton, British Oakley ambassadors alone include the likes of Mark Cavendish, Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome.

RadarLock Path glasses aren’t cheap but they do feature some of the best optics on the market.

This special anniversary edition comes with polished jade iridium and black lenses as standard, all housed in a tough protective case.

Unfortunately, the photochromic lens is only available as an expensive extra, but it’s a quality item that adjusts to conditions quickly and fits well to protect eyes from errant winter road muck.


Expensive to include photochromic lenses, but they are one of the best glasses out there


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