Team Sky reveal disc brake Pinarello Dogma F8 at Eneco Tour

Bernhard Eisel will be riding a disc brake-equipped Pinarello Dogma F8 on stage three of the Eneco Tour

Organisers of the Eneco Tour revealed that Team Sky were one of two teams to be testing disc brakes at the race this week, but the first sighting of them on the Pinarello Dogma F8 has been made.

Sky rider Bernhard Eisel tweeted pictures of his new ride on Wednesday morning, saying he’s excited to be testing out the new system.

The UCI announced that teams were invited to submit applications to use disc brake equipped bikes at two events of their choice, with further testing allowed through the 2016 season.

Team Sky and Team Roompot Oranje Peloton are the two teams riding discs at the Eneco Tour, with several other teams looking to test them out at upcoming races.

Shimano have said their neutral service cars will now be carrying disc brake-equipped wheels: “At this year’s Eneco Tour we are supplying our neutral service vehicles with disc brake wheels to offer tech support during the race, for use where and when required by teams.

“The use of these wheels during their allotted trial period is of course up to each team to decide where and when they want to use them. We are happy to help with all disc brake testing requirements for all teams competing in this year’s Eneco Tour.”