Tour bikes: Matt Goss’s Scott Foil F01

THE Orica-GreenEdge team is lucky that Scott’s aero bike is a super stiff machine as they get the benefits afforded by the truncated aerofoil design every kilometre of every stage with no drawback at the pointy end of the stage for the team’s sprinter, Matt Goss.

While at first glance, the bike looks pretty standard, further investigation showed up the prototype Continental Competition tubulars. Gone is the file tread on the centre for a faster rolling slick pattern. The whole team was also running the final prototypes of Shimano’s internal Di2 battery seen only on team captain’s bikes at the Dauphin√© in June.

Unlike many other sprinters, Gossy runs a pretty standard bar. Some might even describe it as low rent. Pro’s PLT bar can be found for just over ¬£30 but as a mid range aluminium bar, it’s not as flexible as a super light offering or as damage prone as more expensive carbon components. More telling is its uniqueness in the Pro range: It is the only aluminium bar available in a compact shape that has a standard diameter top section – this is just as likely to be the reason for the choice.

Proof – as if the mechanics weren’t trustworthy – of the frame’s production nature, the mounting holes for a frame-mounted Di2 battery are still present despite the prototype battery. Along with the cable port, they were incredibly neatly filled with silicon sealant. Given that these bikes get jet washed every day, you can bet this is done with extreme precision to last such daily abuse.

Matt Goss during a stage at the Tour de France

Scott’s all-rounder is good for sprinters too