Who is an e-bike for?

We headed down to Sigma Sports' new dedicated e-bike shop to explore some of the benefits of these electric powered machines

Sigma Sports ebike shop front
(Image credit: Sigma Sports)

Electric bikes actually have a range of benefits that everyone can take advantage of. Be that, pulling away from a set of lights in a flash, arriving at work following a sweat free commute or just never having to deal with a headwind again. If you’re new to cycling or are a seasoned hobbyist, you’ll be able to ride further and faster than you may have thought possible. 

That’s what electric bikes (opens in new tab)are all about, isn’t it? Being able to spend more time in the saddle without the associated effort. They make moving around fast so incredibly easy, it could even replace your car as your transport method to work, meaning you get both daily exercise and save on fuel! 

Exploring riverside bike paths or secluded forest roads becomes a breeze on an e-bike (opens in new tab). So, on the weekends you can enjoy your journey out to your favourite picnic spot knowing full well you’ll be able to get back home fast and pain free. 

Some of the latest innovation and exciting new tech is in the world of mountain biking. This can be seen in the sleek designs which give no indication that they have an extra kick lurking in the frame. So, if you’ve entered yourself into an enduro or just want to explore an entire bike park in a day without the effort of having to ride back up all those hills, then get yourself an E-MTB, and take your love of the sport to the next level.

Those who are more partial to the tarmac will be pleased to see that the weight of e-bikes is forever decreasing. Some of the lightest e-bikes are now dropping onto the scales at just a smidge over 10kg, that's really not that much more than many analog bikes! This means that you can enjoy the assistance of the motor when tackling the climbs, but should you exceed 15mph/25kph on the road (at which point UK law has the motor cut out), you're still aboard a lightweight steed that's fun to ride. 

And the choice doesn't stop there. The increasing popularity and demand for e-bikes means that there are models available for everyone from gravel riders who want to get off the beaten track, to commuters who just want to arrive at work sweat free.

With all of that in mind, the answer to the question 'who is an e-bike for?' is simple: e-bikes are for  anybody who wants to enjoy cycling - be that road, off-road, or a bit of both - with a little assistance. The art is in choosing the right e-bike to meet your needs. 

Finding the right e-bike for you

Finding the right electric bike can be a tricky thing to do though. And that’s why Sigma Sports (opens in new tab) has opened up a dedicated electric bike shop in Kingston-Upon-Thames (opens in new tab). Here, they’ve curated a selection of the best brands in the world so that you’re guaranteed to receive a quality and reliable bike. These brands include (but aren’t limited to!) Specialized, Cannondale, Brompton, Trek and Bianchi to name a few. 

The team here at Sigma Sports spend a lot of time hunting out the best brands on the market so that you don’t have to. That being said, they still have an incredibly wide variety of bikes on offer so to help you navigate this range they have some expert staff ready and waiting to help you narrow down your selection. If you don’t happen to be located near their new store, then you can hop online and have a chat with one of their experts to help you with your choice.

You may be asking yourself though, why should I buy from Sigma Sports? Well, they have over 30 years of experience in the cycling trade and now boast a near 5* rating on TrustPilot from over 30,000 reviews. They have become an authoritative voice in the world of cycling retail and set the gold standard in service. So, if you’re looking for your first or even your next E-Bike, be sure to get it from Sigma Sports.

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