Maxxis expands its tire range with new urban and cargo options

New Maxxis city tires are robust and certified for e-bike use

Maxxis urban tires
(Image credit: Maxxis)

Maxxis tires cover the range of different cycle uses from its fast race tires used by the professional cycling teams through to its highly rated mountain bike and road bike tires.

It’s now strengthened its tire line-up for city use with two versions of the new Metropass commuter tire and the new Metroloads tire, designed for cargo bikes.

Metropass commuter tire

Maxxis urban tires

(Image credit: Maxxis)

Bike commuters want it all: they need tires that are fast and give them assured grip, but that are also robust and durable enough for trouble-free riding on city streets.

So the new Maxxis Metropass and Metropass Pro tires have a newly formulated Four Season rubber compound designed to provide low rolling resistance, so your bike won’t ride with that leaden feel that some commuter tires have. The Metropass Pro tire is designed for increased durability with a double layer 60 TPI casing. 

Available in a range of tire sizes, the compound and the Urban tread pattern are engineered to provide excellent wet weather grip, so the Metropass and Metropass Pro tires can handle the whole range of weather conditions. 

You also get excellent puncture protection, with Maxxis adding a really robust 3mm thick puncture protection layer, one of its thickest, under the tire tread, to ensure that the tires can shrug off the majority of urban debris and offer you a reliable commute however bad your city’s roads are. 

Metroloads cargo bike tires

Maxxis urban tires

(Image credit: Maxxis)

More and more cargo bikes are being used for urban deliveries, with their maneuverability and ease of parking making them an ideal way to get goods quickly to where they’re wanted. They’re also a great option for the urban school or shopping run, for the same reasons.

The new Maxxis Metroloads tire comes in two versions: Metroloads and Metroloads Pro. Like the Metropass Pro tire, the Metroloads Pro has a double layer 60 TPI casing, so the two versions of the Metroloads tire are designed to cater to both light use and heavy duty options. 

For family use, the standard Metroloads comes with a compound that Maxxis's lab test results show will last for around 5000km or 3000 miles. In contrast, the Metroloads Pro tire is designed for high mileage cargo bike use, with Maxxis saying that its lab test results show that the tire will give up to 10,000km (6000 miles) of use. That’s much longer than other cargo bike tire options, which is great for low maintenance in a high use commercial delivery operation.

The Metroloads tires have a robust carcass designed for high strength to cope with the extra loads that cargo bikes carry plus, like the Metropass tires, there’s excellent puncture protection and Maxxis’s 4 Season rubber compound designed for great traction and braking in all weathers.

High speed electric bike use

Maxxis urban tires

(Image credit: Maxxis)

With electric bikes increasingly popular for city commuting and electric cargo bikes presenting a new opportunity for urban delivery that’s non-polluting and more versatile than other delivery vehicles, Maxxis has designed its Metropass and Metroloads tires to work well with e-bikes. 

All these tires are certified to ECE-R75 standard, which means that they can be used on a range of electric bikes, including standard pedelecs and even high speed electric bikes with more powerful motors that can exceed the 25kph/15mph or 20mph speeds offered by standard e-bikes.

Price and availability

The Maxxis Metropass, Metropass Pro, Metroloads and Metroloads Pro tires have just been launched, with all the tires available immediately. UK prices are £31.99 for the non-Pro tires and £34.99 for the Pro tires.

The Mertopass and Metropass Pro tires are available in 28x2.0 (49-622) size, while you can buy the Metroloads and Metroloads Pro in 20x2.15 (55-406) and 26x2.15 (55-559) sizes. There's more spec info on the Maxxis website.

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