Jet Black Z1 Fluid Pro Trainer review

The Jet Black Z1 Fluid Pro is a great option for your indoor training, offering a realistic ride feel while not pumping out the sort of noise that will have the neighbours knocking on the door.

Jet Black Z1 Fluid Pro Trainer
(Image credit: Andrew Sydenham)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Jet Black Z1 Fluid Pro is a great option for your indoor training, offering a realistic ride feel, little in the way of noise, and a sturdy base. Lifetime warranty and the free app are the cherries on the cake.

Reasons to buy
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    Realistic feel

Reasons to avoid
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    Not much

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Turbo-training is not the most attractive proposition at the best of times, but when it involves a perpetual whooshing noise and a complete lack of road-like feel, it becomes the absolute final thing you want to do. Thankfully, a quiet and realistic indoor riding experience is yours for the taking at a very reasonable price courtesy of the Jet Black Z1 Fluid Pro.

Jet Black is an Aussie company, and the Z1 is as straightforward in both set-up and operation as you might expect from a product originating in the land Down Under.

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Getting set up is very familiar: once you’ve unfolded it (it collapses down almost flat, which is helpful for storage) and set it in place, you’ll need to thread the proprietary QR skewer through your rear hub. As per usual, the skewer-ends sit in little cups which are adjusted by screwing them in or out. Jet Black’s ‘SQR’ system (essentially a big quick-release lever) means that after initial set-up, mounting the bike is quick and easy. The roller is then introduced to the tyre by winding it closer using a big plastic knob. A locknut sets it in place.

So far, so easy. It’s when you start riding that you really reap the benefits of that 3kg ‘Hydrogel’ roller. It claims 55 per cent less noise and up to 30 per cent less tyre wear (less than what, we’re not told), and it certainly is very quiet compared to my own magnetic-resistance unit. It also offers a comparatively realistic ride feel too, and the base is confidence-inspiringly solid for those hard efforts.

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We wouldn’t say the Jet Black Fluid Pro propels indoor training into the realms of ‘joyful’, but it might just make it seem like less of a chore, and that can only be a good thing. Comes with free app and lifetime warranty.

Visit the Chicken Cycle Kit website for more details.

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