B'Twin Ultralight gilet review

The B’Twin Ultralight gilet provides light protection form wind and rain and packs down small, all for a very good price

Cycling Weekly Verdict

At less than 20 quid, it’s hard to find much wrong with the B’Twin Ultralight gilet. The fit may not be perfect, but it provides great protection against wind and light rain and packs down incredibly small.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Packs down exceptionally small

  • +

    Very light

  • +


  • +

    Great value

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Poor, baggy fit

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If you’re after a no-fuss gilet that won’t break the bank but will still keep the chill off on the ride out to the club run on a Saturday morning, then the B’Twin Ultralight gilet could be for you.

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Of course, for less than 20 quid, you can’t expect perfection, but for the money you can’t be too many complaints. If you’re just using B’Twin Ultralight gilet for the first half hour or so of rides then it does a great job at keeping cold winds at bay, with the tarpaulin-like ripstop nylon construction proving utterly windproof. It also provides a degree of water resistance – at least enough to keep you dry through the morning drizzle.

Buy now: B'Twin Ultralight Gilet at Decathlon for £19.99


The B'Twin Ultralight gilet packs down into an attached rear pouch
(Image credit: mike prior)

The other great thing about the B’Twin Ultralight gilet is that it more than lives up to its name, with a size large hitting the Cycling Weekly scales at a very impressive 65g – nearly 30g lighter (and £100 cheaper) than the Huez Starman, previously the lightest gilet that we’d tested this year.

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This minimal weight means that this gilet packs up incredibly small. When folded into its own rear pouch it not only easily fits into a jersey pocket, but even fits into the palm of your hand, leaving plenty of space for bars and gels in your pockets.

However if you’re looking for a gilet to keep on for more than half an hour or so then it might be worth looking at more expensive options. This is because the fit on the B’Twin Ultralight gilet really leaves a lot to be desired. There is far too much loose material at the chest and the arm holes seem to have been designed for a rugby player rather than a cyclist.

Buy now: B'Twin Ultralight Gilet at Decathlon for £19.99

For more details visit the Decathlon website.

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