Assos Sturmprinz Rainshell Evo jacket

Assos seemingly put a lot of effort into the Sturmprinz Rainshell Evo jacket and it certainly seems like it has paid off




  • Race fit
  • Great water proofing
  • Breathable


  • Price
  • Not foldable

Price as reviewed:


There are two things that spring to mind when you think Assos: top performance and top prices.

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for us, the 
former doesn’t usually come without the latter.

However, with the Evo you can probably forgive Assos for the price tag, as it is an exceptional piece of clothing. Initially developed for its in-house professional cycling team, the boffins behind the Swiss clothing brand produced the Sturmprinz as a money-no-object garment.

Assos created a new fabric called Triton. The design brief was simple: you should be able to race in this jacket with complete protection from the elements but without overheating — Triton is designed to allow skin to breathe and sweat to escape during intense exercise.

With three-hour rides in constant rain you’d expect some leakage or at least some retained moisture and yet, repeatedly, 
the Evo delivered on its promise.


A high elastic collar with long cuffs and bum-guard complement the race-fit design nicely, meaning the shell doesn’t flap in the wind, while the breathable characteristics mean you won’t be rushing to take it off when the rain stops — just as well really, as the Evo jacket’s only downside is that it isn’t too pocket-friendly.