Blackmore North Hill bib shorts review

The Blackmore North Hill bib shorts are the first shorts from the Essex-based company, so will they meet expectations?

Cycling Weekly Verdict

If you're after a really comfortable pair of shorts without a super-expensive price-tag, then the Blackmore North Hill bib shorts are a great option. With classic good looks and a pad that will keep you on the road for hours, they are sure to see plenty of use.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Excellent fit

  • +

    Really comfortable

  • +

    Classic good looks

  • +

    Reasonably priced

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Bibs could drop lower

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At first glance, the Blackmore North Hill bib shorts don’t look like anything special. Black lycra shorts with a white mesh bib, they’re hardly the most eye-catching, with the two small reflective ducks on either side being the only thing to make them stand out.

blackmore north hill bib shorts chamois pad

The star of the Blackmore North Hill bib shorts is the seriously comfortable pad

However, that’s until you pull them on and go for a ride, at which point you realise that these are fantastic shorts with a great fit that will keep you comfortable even on the longest of rides.

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The fit really is superb, and certainly the equal of more expensive bib shorts such as the Sportful BodyFit Pro bib shorts. The 250gsm really hug your leg providing excellent support, while the leg bands are attractive with their Blackmore logos, while still providing a good amount of grip to prevent them riding up without digging in to your thighs too much.

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The chamois is also excellent. It might be a little on the bulky side for some, and certainly comes with plenty of padding, but I never found this inhibiting when bending down low in the drops. Instead all that padding makes the Blackmore North Hill bib shorts a perfect choice for long rides, and I never suffered form discomfort even when doing long rides on unfamiliar test bikes.

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The mesh bibs are also very comfortable. The mesh is quite dense which I initially thought might inhibit cooling, but thankfully this wasn’t the case even on long, hot days in the saddle. The only downside is that bibs don’t come down that far at the front, making nature stops a little tricky.


The bottom hem is adorned with Blackmore logos

However, that’s really the only fault that I can find with the Blackmore North Hill bib shorts, which look like a great option for all types of riding.

For more details visit the Blackmore website.

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