Ekoi Morfo Evo uni-size bib shorts review

One size to fit everyone? We try out Ekoi's ultra-stretchy bib shorts

Morfo Evo
Cycling Weekly Verdict

Truly innovative bib shorts offering superb level of comfort, albeit at a relatively high price.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    One-size stretch fit

  • +

    Integrated pad

  • +

    Excellent comfort

  • +

    Seamless construction

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -


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French brand Ekoi seem to be offering something very different when, last year, they launched the Morfo Evo “uni-size” edition: a pair of bib shorts available in one size only, promising to stretch to fit perfectly “irrespective of whether you’re 5ft 2in or 6ft 6in, 50kg or 100kg”.

Seriously? Could that really work? Thusly stirred from my shorts-weary slumber, I ordered a pair… in size, ah yes, the only size.

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Honestly, these are magical shorts. The fabric — a mix of polyamide and elastane — feels very different to regular Lycra: it’s thicker, softer, much more stretchy, and constructed entirely without seams. Out of the tin — the Morfo Evo comes in a smart cylindrical tin decorated with photos of sponsored riders — they look misshapen and much too small, but pull them on and they stretch just the right amount, giving a perfect, snug fit.

I suspected that over time and repeated washing this stretchiness might decline, but it honestly hasn’t, over several months of at least weekly use. The fabric itself, being so soft and supple, is wonderfully comfortable, insulates without trapping too much heat, and wicks away sweat just as effectively as ordinary shorts.

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Morpho Evo

The pad in the Morfo Evo bib shorts sits on the outside, against the saddle

The pad is equally unconventional, being seamlessly integrated rather than stitched-in — it’s visible on the exterior, as though the shorts are inside-out, so sits directly in contact with the saddle. I found it stayed perfectly in position and offered a fantastic level of comfort. The woven straps do their job efficiently and without fuss.

This is of course unconventional and for some will be a step too far in terms of looks but if you can see past the aesthetics you'll be amazed by the comfort.

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Aside from the price, which is fairly lofty, and the looks, it’s hard to find fault. The Morfo Evo are quite simply the most comfortable bib shorts I’ve ever owned; they are the ones I want to wear all the time, and I’m gutted when I go to the drawer and realise they’re in the wash.

These are the kind of shorts you don’t think about for a second once they’re on, as they simply do their job without giving you any cause for adjustment, not even a tiny squirm in the saddle — which is exactly what you want.

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