Vulpine women’s cycling jeans review

Jeans designed for cycling could be the dream for many commuters - Lauren Jenkins tried this pair out

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Really comfortable cycling jeans with well thought out details and features. The sizing was really the only issue.

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Jeans may not be a first choice for many when it comes to cycling but Vulpine’s offering are a worthy contender. It took a while for me to be able to test them given the hot weather we had during April and May, followed by plenty of rain, but eventually, the heatwave and following rain calmed down allowing more sensible testing conditions.

These jeans are flattering and offer plenty of stretch, I’ve worn them on and off the bike without issue. Designed primarily for commuters, I actually did a 31-mile ride with them on (coupled with Vulpine’s padded boy shorts) on a relatively hot day and wasn’t uncomfortable in the slightest. They breathe and move very well, and I didn’t find they made me overheat.

In terms of features, the jeans come with a diamond gusset, Vulpine say this prevents seams that chafe and increase pressure. They have a reflective print on the driveside turn-up as well as a raised rear waistband and knee darts to allow for ease of movement.

The major sticking point for me was the fit. The jeans are available in small to large. I’m typically a 10-12 in jeans so I opted for the large, at 5’9 it’s often difficult to get jeans that are a good length, all sizes of these jeans come in at 77cm (30inches). Happily, these jeans were a good length but gaped a bit around the waist meaning I had to wear a belt to keep them in place.

They are a fairly standard fit but more on the skinny jean side of things with a regular waist, something to consider if you prefer things on the baggy side. Having said that, having nothing gaping around the leg is of course, better for cycling, you wouldn’t want anything getting stuck.

These retail at £100 and given the price point of women’s jeans this isn’t an unreasonable price. They’d be great for commuting or heading out to meet friends for a drink or lunch if your usual cycling attire isn’t an option.

Overall these feel well made and robust. Comfort is so important, and they certainly are extremely comfortable. I am a little disappointed about the fit but I’m unsure if going down a size would have solved the issue, they may have been too tight or small if I’d chosen medium. They are also available in blue denim if black isn’t your thing. After wearing them a few times (where weather allowed) and after a few washes they have held up well. For me it’s more about the situation rather than choice, it depends where I’m cycling and for what reason that dictates what I wear. I wouldn’t’ hesitate to recommend them, they’re a nice addition to the wardrobe both on and off the bike.

Michelle Arthurs-Brennan
Michelle Arthurs-Brennan

Cycling Weekly's Tech Editor Michelle Arthurs-Brennan is a traditional journalist by trade, having begun her career working for a local newspaper before spending a few years at Evans Cycles, then combining the two with a career in cycling journalism.

When not typing or testing, Michelle is a road racer who also enjoys track riding and the occasional time trial, though dabbles in off-road riding too (either on a mountain bike, or a 'gravel bike'). She is passionate about supporting grassroots women's racing and founded the women's road race team 1904rt.

Favourite bikes include a custom carbon Werking road bike as well as the Specialized Tarmac SL6. 

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