Lance Armstrong spoke yesterday in Montreal at a World Cancer Congress and despite a recent doping case, underlined his Tour de France wins.

“My name is Lance Armstrong,” he said, according to the Montreal Gazette. “I am a cancer survivor. I’m a father of five. And yes, I won the Tour de France seven times.”

The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) stripped all of his wins since August 1, 1998, as part of its ruling on Friday. Over that 12-year period, it ruled he possessed, trafficked and administered banned drugs and methods. The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and Tour organiser, Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) have yet to remove his results.

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USADA strips Armstrong of seven Tour titles

Bruyneel disappointed with Armstrong quitting the fight

Johan Bruyneel, Armstrong’s long-time sports director, said that he is disappointed Armstrong decided not to face USADA’s arbitration panel.

“I’m disappointed for Lance and for cycling in general that things have reached a stage where Lance feels that he has had enough and is no longer willing to participate in USADA’s campaign against him,” Bruyneel told Reuters news agency.

“Lance has never withdrawn from a fair fight in his life so his decision today underlines what an unjust process this has been. I hope that it will soon be determined that the case that USADA initiated against me should never have got as far as it has.”

Bruyneel is also named in the investigation on similar charges, however, he elected to face an arbitration panel.

Boogerd waiting for Camenzind to pay 40,000

Former Dutch pro, Michael Boogerd says Oscar Camenzind never paid him 40,000 Swiss Francs for winning the Tour of Lombardy.

“We arranged: who wins pays. That happens sometimes in cycling, though I was there not a fan of because it often results in whining,” Boogerd told Holland’s Wielerland Magazine.

Camenzind won the World Championships and six days later, won Lombardy in Bergamo, Italy, over Boogerd. Felice Puttini led a small group for third at 1-21 minutes.

“Camenzind was slightly stronger [at the Worlds in] Valkenburg and won. I thought, he can win, I’ll take the money. But to this day, I’ve never got anything from him. Even our team leaders knew of that deal.”

“He’s already said this in 2000,” Camenzind explained. “I was super strong that day. [Before the finish] he offered me a sum of money if I would let him win. I told him that I wanted to win. Anyway, it was such a small amount, I could not take it seriously.”

Brixia Sport takes over team Liquigas

Brixia Sport announced on Monday that it will take over the structure of team Liquigas-Cannondale. The Italian team is expected to race as Brixia-Cannondale in 2013.

“It’s a difficult time economically, and not only for our team,” team manager, Roberto Amadio told Cycling Weekly ahead of the announcement. “So, to find sponsors in this environment is difficult. However, I have my group of riders and the points to be in the WorldTour, so… Certainly, it will be a transitional year. Even so, we will be competitive.”

Peter Sagan, Ivan Basso, Elia Viviani and Moreno Moser will help lead the team. Vincenzo Nibali will leave to race for Astana.

Nibali hungry for more

Vincenzo Nibali wants to lead team Italy to a win in the World Championships on September 23 in the Netherlands. He just finished the Tour of Colorado, coming after a season that included a win in Tirreno-Adriatico and third place in the Tour de France.

“I’ve always liked being competitive all year long and often I am,” Nibali told Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper. “I have 71 race-days in me, but I don’t feel tired. Yes, The Shark is still hungry.”

Nibali, nicknamed Lo Squalo or The Shark, will race the Giro di Padania next week in preparation for Worlds.

World Ports Classic welcomes Boonen

The new World Ports Classic race, running this weekend between Rotterdam and Antwerp, welcomed Tom Boonen as one of the favourites. Organiser ASO said its race would be “familiar turf” for Boonen, who won classics Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix this year.

On Friday, the race travels 201 kilometres along the coast to from Rotterdam to Antwerp, near Boonen’s home. It returns to Rotterdam on Saturday via a 161.5-kilometre run further inland. Winds are expected to shatter the race as the highest point is only 28 metres.

“Cycling is more and more international. But it’s also important not to forget about the “Old Europe” and to preserve our sport, a true tradition in Belgium and the Netherlands,” Boonen said. “For riders like us, it is always wonderful to race before a crowd that deeply loves cycling. I’m curious to find out about the World Ports Classic.”

Marcel Kittel (Argos-Shimano), André Greipel (Lotto-Belisol) and Theo Bos (Rabobank) are also favourites.

Tour of Hangzhou postponed

The Tour of Hangzhou organisers announced on Tuesday that they would wait until next year to debut its Chinese stage race.

“We put in a lot of work to stage the first edition of the event in 2012, but we needed a little more time to fine-tune certain internal matters in China,” said Global Cycling Promotion Director Mr Alain Rumpf.

“In choosing to delay the first edition, we can ensure that the event will meet the expectations of all our partners, as was the case last year with the Tour of Beijing.”

The race was scheduled for October 17 to 21 and on the heels of another Chinese race, the Tour of Beijing.


  • milton

    bob needham has the only valid argument . most of the others are just putting out the usual bile of the armchair biggots

  • Bob Needham

    its quite insulting to those who want to see hard evidence to be called naive and to ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ by those who have no ‘real’ evidence themselves – if u dont like LA & believe he’s a cheat then thats your perogative and u have every right to that opinion which may or may not be correct, but please accept theres a lot of people not totally convinced by the motives or the way this is being played out, & we want to know more before we condem.

    BTW: i got the figure of 500 tests since 2000 from a quote by Eddy Merckx, but i’ll happily accept he *only* passed 230 if thats the official figure, coz its still a lot!

  • Ian Franklin

    I am sorry for those who are deluded enough to think that a professional organisation like USADA would create a witch hunt against Lance A for no reason. I am also disappointed with my old colleague Phil Ligget lending his support to LA. To me LA has serious problems that may be of a pshyciatric nature. His bullying and blustering and denials over the years are the actions of a sociopath – not the actions of a caring and well-balanced human being. His refusal to attend the tribunal is typical of the kind of manipulation that sociopaths engage in. He cannot face the truth and will never do so. He is a damaged and deluded human being and his work for cancer survivors creates the barricades that he needs to hide behind. Phil’s support simply saddens me and protects someone who needs serious help.

  • Peter Gordon

    USADA appear to be saying that we cannot rely on blood tests taken at the highest level, in the biggest event, and on a person on whom some suspicion already lies. It follows therefore that we should disregard all negative tests over the period. I might as well start to follow football.

  • phil tregear

    All the USADA are doing is applying their codes and regulations equally and fairly to one of their athletes. LAs excuses are as pathetic as the delusions of his defenders. This is a simple issue, either you are against doping in sport or a tacit supporter of it. You cannot defend LA and be opposed to doping, period.

  • Mike

    Bob, you have just answered your own question. If there was no evidence Lance would be in court today proving that the USADA were making all of this up cos they have nothing better to do. Yea right.
    He is walking away to prevent all the facts becoming public.
    Never tested positive?? that we do not know as that is also one of the things he wants to keep private. Why?
    Also, Riis, Ullrich, Basso, Virenque, etc etc etc never tested positive but were found to be cheats. If Armstrong never used PEDs why has he never come out and stated it? All he ever says is “never tested positive”
    Lynch mob? I think not. This is the sport I love and anyone who brings it down to ridcule needs to be punished, be they a first year pro or a media icon as Armstrong. The bigger the name the more negativity it brings to cycling and cyclists.

  • David Alexander

    Lance cares only about Lance.

    The rules are for losers.

    Bob and Samuel need to wake up here and smell the coffee.

  • harold burdon

    I have not seen any indication of the trial arrangement for Armstrong and the makeup of the adjudicating (court ! ) Will there be a properly constittuted court with qualified judges and legal representation or just biased men with an axe to grind to justify their own ego’s .Shall we have cross examination of so called witnesses as seems to be the way things have gone so far or are claims to be accepted as evidence .So far there seems to be a kangeroo court performance to run Armstrong out of town ??
    Hal Burdon

  • Graham White

    Sounds like he is, LA is not accused of doping. USADA are admitting that all his victories were clean.

    “Over that 12-year period, it ruled he possessed, trafficked and administered banned drugs and methods.” Nothing here about using any banned drugs or methods himself. If he has trafficked banned substances it doesn’t change his athletic performance. He should be put in front of a criminal court and if found guilty by a jury given an appropriate sentence – oops wasn’t that what the FBI were doing and couldn’t find enough reliable evidence to go to court to test it?

  • mike hogan

    Bob, The only person is Drugstrong who clams he was tested 500+ times most experts but the number closer to 230 or so.

  • Bob Needham

    LA must be the most dope tested athlete of all time, so it appears that what the USADA are saying are that all the 500+ (Clear) tests done on him both in & out of season by WADA, The UCI (or whoever) over many years are meaningless & unreliable. – IMHO although not impossible, it’s unrealistic to believe he’s got a medical team that always managed to stay one step ahead of all the anti doping agencies who pour millions into developing new detection techniques when so many others have been caught. There seems to be so many people who’s preconceived ideas & lynch mob mentality can’t entertain the possibility that maybe after so many years of unproved accusation he’s actually fed up & can’t be bothered anymore – surely until we hear of undisputable rock solid & proven evidence we shouldn’t condemn

  • Jimmy Carl Black

    A Samuel McGee: wow, we’re now comparing Lance Armstrong to Jim Thorpe? That’s like comparing Jean Valjean to Bernie Madoff. How are the two cases similar in any way? Thorpe violated a rule, but the rule had nothing to do with enhancing his athletic performance, it was simply a prohibition against taking money for playing sports. It was an honor violation based on an outdated amateur code, not a cheating violation. Armstrong cheated at his sport. He took drugs and doped his blood to increase his performance. Don’t tar Thorpe with Armstrong’s brush, er… syringes.

  • Jimmy Carl Black

    Nice to meet you, seven-time winner… I’m the Easter Bunny.

  • Mike

    I think you have hit the nail on the head there Samuel. Travis Tygart will not be remembered, probably because he is not doing this for personal glory, unlike Lance, he is merely doing his job.

    Armstrong starting every interview/publicity stunt with the phrase “I am a cancer survivor” Is getting realy old. So what??? I have family who were also lucky enough to survive this diseise and they dont introduce themselves to everyone they meet with that selfe important statement. They also raise lots of money for cancer research without the need to shout about how big and clever they are.

    Lets face it, If he was not guilty he would fight this to the end. He has walked away to stop the whole can of worms being opened and also to give his fanboys the excuse to still claim he is a superman.

  • Samuel Gee

    Good for Lance. It just shows how daft not to say arrogant the USADA are being. He is Lance Armstrong and he did win the Tour de France seven times. I happen to believe he was clean but even if I am wrong about that, he was still the winner as he baet all the other dopers and never tested positive.

    Anyone ever heard of Jim Thorpe. Native American Olympian stripped of his Gold Medals for being paid for playing Baseball. He admitted being naive enough to use his own name rather than an alias as some of the college athletes (also amateur) did. In the end the IOC gave his kids back his medals but 30 years after he died.

    He had a fantastic professional American Football career palying for the Cleveland Indians, New York Giants and Chicago Cardinals and was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 1963.

    Jim Thorpe (Wa-Tho-Huk, translated as Bright Path) Now has a whole town named after him Jim Thrope Pennsylvania just outside as you enter that town is a monument to Jim Thorpe inscribed with the words spoken to him by Gustav V of Sweden as he presented him the Pentathlon and Decathlon Gold Medals in 1912 in Stockholm. “You, sir, are the greatest athlete in the world.”

    That should be a lesson to USADA. Travis Tygart of USADA who has pursued Armstrong with such vigour will not be remembered.