Alberto Contador‘s hearing at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) may be delayed until after this year’s Tour de France, potentially allowing the Spaniard to ride in the French Grand Tour in July.

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) had both appealed to CAS after the Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC) cleared Contador in February after he tested positive for clenbuterol at last year’s Tour de France. The CAS hearing was scheduled to take place in June.

Spanish newspaper AS reports that RFEC has aked for a postponement to the hearing in order for it to submit the necessary supporting documentation to CAS.

This would leave the way clear for Contador to race in the 2011 Tour de France in July – if race organiser ASO allows him to take part.

The Spaniard failed a test for clenbuterol during the final rest day of the 2010 Tour in Pau on July 21. He has blamed the positive on consuming a tainted steak brought by a friend from Spain.

Contador is currently leading the 2011 Giro d’Italia, and looks likely to win the race overall when it finishes in Milan on Sunday.

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  • Bert

    Makes me not want to watch!!!

  • MIKE


    Contador is not acused of something. He failed a drugs test, both samples. The athlete is responsible for what is in his body.
    This would sugest you buy into his “I ate tainted meat” excuse. Do you also believe the moon is made from cream chese? Get real, a pro cyclists food intake is very carefully monitored by the team at all times.

  • adam

    I’d dearly love to believe innocent until proven guilty…. but look at cycling. Really? Can you believe it…?

    Anyway, if someone in another job had been accused of something that was of huge and detrimental significance to their job, they would be suspended pending investigation.

  • Ken Evans

    Blah, blah, blah.
    The 2nd place in the Giro is currently taken by Scarponi,
    who was banned because of Puerto.

    Contador is the best Grand-Tour rider of his generation.
    Riis is also very good at politics.

    It is also worth noting that a seemingly clean team like Sky,
    doesn’t make much impact in Grand-Tour GC results………

  • Bob

    ive trouble believing contador would knowingly dope & tarnish his reputation forever, especially after the landis episode, so surely innocent until proven guilty?, but definately needs sorting by the authorities one way or the other before the tdf

  • si

    Wouldn’t you all if accused of anything want the right to defend yourself. How can you say he is guilty, we just dont know yet. So you cannot suspend him.

  • Kevin MacArthur

    How do the people who run cycling allow this to happen.

    The Giro is already a farce and now they are going to ruin their Blue Riband event, probably the only cycling raced watched by non-cyclists. There is enough media speculation about all cyclists being dopers without letting this happen.

    The UCI should grow a pair and suspend him until the case is resolved

  • Tom G

    I would be very disappointed if Contador rode the Tour, the Giro has already been tarnished by the shadow of Contador’s alleged doping. I hope the ASO make it clear to Saxo Bank that they will not allow their race to be tarnished in the same way.

  • Robert Holland

    The word ‘farce’ comes to mind on reading this!

  • martin




  • Reg

    Who’d have thought the hearing wouldn’t happen on the date planned?

    Question is do the ASO have the balls to stand up to AC and his legal team and refuse him entry to the TDF?

  • Too Pork Pies

    A delay would be a disaster. This needs to be dealt with before the tour. It’s bad enough that these suspicions are making the Giro weird. Am I watching the best cyclist of his generation or a cheat? I want to know.

  • geoffgartrell

    There is a bit af a smell coming from the CAS direction and probably from UCI and WADA; cycling is being flushed down the toilet again and the press will have a “field day” Get it sorted before the TdF or the results will be cynically viewed

  • PeterLB

    Disgraceful. The RFEC is proving itself to be the only body more corrupt than FIFA.