Alberto Contador says he is ‘relieved and happy’ that his suspension from competition relating to a positive anti-doping test for clenbuterol during the 2010 Tour de France has been lifted by the Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC).

In a statement issued by his Saxo Bank team on Tuesday evening, Contador said: “First of all, I’m relieved and obviously happy about this ruling. It has been some very stressful months for me, but throughout the case I have been totally available for all inquiries in relation to my case, and all the way through I have spoken in accordance with the truth.

“To both the team and the authorities I have explained, that I never cheated or deliberately took a banned substance.”

Saxo Bank owner Bjarne Riis also added his expression of relief, but also added that he was aware that the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) or World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) may appeal against the decision to drop Contador’s suspension.

“We take note of this decision and fully respect it, but we’re also sensitive to the fact, that the parties of this case still have the right to appeal this decision.”

“I really want to take this opportunity to emphasize again that nothing in our values has changed. We’re still a team that strongly condemn all kind of cheating, including doping. But we will at all times also be a fair team. It is of great importance, that we don’t equate conscious cheating and an accidental intake of a banned substance.”

Contador is named as part of Saxo Bank’s squad for the Tour of the Algarve in Portugal, which starts tomorrow (Wednesday).

The UCI has said that it is awaiting the full dossier from RFEC before making a further decision on the case.

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  • PeterLB

    That’s all very well Bert, but have you actually proved that the beef was contaminated.

    The answer’s ‘no’, isn’t it Bert?

  • Mike

    Not surprised in the least.
    Firstly the UCI let Bert know and its only made public, a month later, cos a reporter outs it.
    Secondly they allow the Spanish to judge there own hero!!!!
    What did we think was going to happen?

    How do the powers at the UCI get there jobs? is there a voting system at all or is it just the “old boys network”.
    If its a voting system who do we lobby to get people in place who care about and understand cycling so we can get rid of the freeloaders who claim to run our sport and allow this debacle to happen.
    Angry? You bet.

  • Mike Solomon

    Now we will see if the UCI really have the best interests of cycling at it’s core, if it does it will appeal Contador’s aqquital, if not we will know that Floyd Llandis is right, one rule for the rich and another for the poor.

    Time for the UCI to stand up and be counted

  • Angry

    RFEC, Zapatero, et al you are a disgrace.

    UCI – Time to regain some lost credibility and take this to CAS.

  • Jon

    Bird watching hide – check
    Map of Col du Galibier – check
    Sniper rifle – check

    Roll on July…

    Disclaimer: This is not a statement of intent. It is a sick joke. A bit like Contador and the RFEC.

  • Brian

    Cycling anti-doping new motto: “If undeliberate use of banned substances CANNOT be proved by the athlete, you must acquit.”

  • P Simpson

    Contador cleared is a joke, tell that to Alain Baxter who tested positive for a stimulant in the formula of vicks inhaler only found in the USA, he was stripped of his bronze medal at the winter olympics and served his 2 year ban……. Its about time cyclists like Contador took responsibility for their actions and that they are responsible for what is in their bodies no one else. He’s a cheat and should be sanctioned accordingly.

  • Matt

    Brilliant! so onto the next issue, did he also eat the packaging the meat came in? That may explain the plasticiser presence? Fes up!