German company hopes to resolve delays within the next four to six weeks

Canyon has apologised to customers who have experienced delays in receiving their new bikes, blaming the hold-ups on teething problems with getting a new factory and computer system up and running, combined with reduced customer service capacity over the Christmas period to deal with complaints.

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Roman Arnold, the company’s CEO, wrote to all affected customers in November acknowledging the problem, and apologising for the delays and any misinformation that customers may have received about their orders. Since then Canyon says that it has been working to sort out the problems, saying that it now expects everything to be back to normal within the next four to six weeks.

The German company has been subject to vocal complaints on social media in the last few weeks, with some customers complaining that they were given expected delivery time months later than initially expected, and that they were struggling to get in contact with Canyon’s customer services team to receive update on their orders.

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One customer who contacted Cycling Weekly reported ordering a Canyon Endurace in late September, and after struggling to get in touch with the Canyon customer services team, has been given an expected delivery date of 25 March, six months after the initial order.

The company’s Facebook and Twitter profiles have been subject to many similar complaints from disgruntled customers, with one even going as far as setting up a Twitter account specifically to publicise the problem.

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According to Frank Aldorf, Canyon’s Brand Manager, the problems stem from the move to a new factory and software, with the switchover causing numerous teething problems leading to a backlog of orders.

“In October we switched to a new $20 million production facility in Koblenz where we assemble the bikes,” Aldorf told Cycling Weekly. “It’s a top quality, state-of-the-art production line similar to what is used in the car industry.

“At the same time we switched to a different software, but unfortunately we had quite a few bugs during the switchover.

“In the long term these changes will help us to fulfil the high demand for our product and to make our customers more happy. But since October it’s gone the other way”

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The problems have been compounded over the Christmas period, with customers complaining of poor customer service and sub-standard communication. This is an issue that Canyon UK’s Nick Allen is aware of, but says that the company is working hard to resolve.

“It’s unfortunate that these delays have occurred over the Christmas period where we’ve been short on staff and haven’t been able to run a full service,” he said. “However there are plans in place to see if we can extend the opening period.

“In the UK alone we’re doing 700 online chats and responding to more than 1,000 emails per week, so we’re working extremely hard to resolve the problem.”

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Having been an ongoing problem since October, customers will be eager to find out how much longer they will have to wait for their orders to be fulfilled. According to Aldorf, Canyon is hoping to resolve the problem within the next four to six weeks.

“We’re shipping out 300-400 bikes per week, and producing more than 1000, so it’s definitely working.

“We’ve also decided to be more generous with the expected delivery dates that we’re giving out. In the past we always thought that we could deliver quickly, and when we couldn’t that was frustrating for customers.

“The delivery dates that we are stating now are all worse case scenarios.”

  • Fred

    And as to one brand coming close to specs/price: Decathlon. I may cancel my order to purchase one of theirs

  • Fred

    It is now May and things don’t seem to have improved. I order an endurance (and paid for it!) mid-april. Delivery was confirmed w/c 9 May. On 10th May I still hadn’t heard anything…I chased and since then delivery indications have varied between end of June or even July…or maybe earlier! From one day to the other availability indicated on the website is fluctuating by 1 or 2 months. And they get free credit!
    Talk about client service. If the quality has followed the same trend I am worried

  • edmondhilhorst

    Rose is even worse. They just cannot deliver and keep me waiting for 6 months misinforming me the bike will be ready within a a few days now for 2 months but just don’t deliver on any of the promises.

  • Bruce Wayne

    They still have problems with deliveries even now. They haven’t fixed anything. Just trying to get some positive PR since their last f***up. I just got word that my bike that i ordered 3 months in advance (thinking they sorted out their delivery issues) got the delivery date postponed with 2 months more. Canceled my order – bought a FOCUS bike with a little more money and same config.

    Will never buy a Canyon ever again. Bunch of amateurs that lie to their customers. If you need 5 months to build a bike … better go and sell sausages instead.

    What a terrible experience.

  • PIPEMAN 2.0

    Cheap prices, great components,good quaility bikes,terrible service. You do the math

  • Aytaç

    I have bought CANYON ULTİMATE CF SL 9.0 on 12.03.2016. The bike’s price was 2.215,90 € but gratuitously Canyon has reserved 2.412€ from my credit card. I have been chatting and mailing with their firm’s persons for 4 days for to fix their payment departments fault about my payment.During this period,on 15.03.2016 they also took from my card 196.30€. when ı realized this absurd operation ı chat with their employee.I asked him “whats this 196.30€ about? Why you have took it from my card? He answer me as usual “sorry for our faults we gonna fix it now”.After 1 hour this amount of money cancelled from my card.Anyway after my long chats and suffers with their firm’s bizzarre operations, on 15 March they finally took the correct price amount of 2.215,90€ from my credit card but quess what? They did it without canceling the wrong amount (2.412€)!!! Therefore my credit card limit has expired and it has became unusable. I can’t shopping for 2 days and still can’t. My bank says that unless Canyon canceled the transactions of 2.412€, ı can’t use my card anymore. By the way ı’ve difficulty understanding how they took 2.215€ without canceling the old amount 2.412€!!! They left me in disadvanged.I think ı am gonna apply German courts about this customer grievance. I’ve all records of chat and mail correspondence with them and also my credit card’s documents about their nonsense collection!

  • nuno fs

    I got my frame crashed, contacted canyon about it and was informed that i needed to send the frame back to germany in order to start the crash replacement process. When i said that i lived in brasil they told me i should cut my frame in 4 pieces and send the pictures (Because of customer friendlieness) .

    At the time i asked if i could cut it when everything was solved because i can still use my bike to go to work, but not for enduro…They told me again to cut it.

    I did it in 12 of february…and today is the 1 of march and i am getting this answer “my supervisor told me that you have to wait for the sap guys” because the system dont accept my VAT number from brasil and they lost all my information from my latest order.

    i got this message also: “We already send a note to our SAP consultant and they will work on it as soon as possible.

    It will take some time but after we have done that we will place your order immediately”

    Every time i sent one email i had to send one more to confirm they received it …i think some of the emails never got processed or read

    the only contact i have is by chat or email, as so i can not speak to anyone else the the guys receving the complains and they keep telling not to kill the messenger

  • Steve Lesson

    So that’s that then. Canyon lose a previous customer for good, two impending orders from fellow club members as a direct result and ROSE BIKES gain me as a new one.
    What was most amusing?
    I sent an email to cancel, sent a tweet and a Facebook message but thought it best to follow up in writing so tried the ‘web chat’ which they recommend as a catch-all.
    Had an instant response from Canyon this morning. No quibbles, cancelled £3.5k bike order. Its almost like they were relieved to get rid of me. I read this a few times elsewhere, you simply help the issue ‘go away’ for them.
    Short term gain, long term destruction. Bad reputation lasts a long time in EU and ‘net

  • Steve Lesson

    So that’s that then. Canyon lose a previous customer for good, two impending orders from fellow club members as a direct result and ROSE BIKES gain me as a new one.
    What was most amusing?
    I sent an email to cancel, sent a tweet and a Facebook message but thought it best to follow up in writing so tried the ‘web chat’ which they recommend as a catch-all.
    Had an instant response from Canyon this morning. No quibbles, cancelled £3.5k bike order. Its almost like they were relieved to get rid of me. I read this a few times elsewhere, you simply help the issue ‘go away’ for them.
    Short term gain, long term destruction. Bad reputation lasts a long time in EU and ‘net ….

  • Steve Lesson

    Another FOUR HOURS waiting for a chat rep on Canyon’s web page.
    Eventually quoted same vague text as received by email – essentially we have no idea where your bike is or when its going to be scheduled for delivery. Well FUCK YOU Canyon. My order is cancelled, and after a trip to ROSE I built a better, lighter bike for around £450 less. So long, lesson learnt….

  • Steve Lesson

    Yes I’m in England. Today they say use web chat – hours and still ‘all busy’. I think this one goes in the can and I go to Rose. So long losers.

  • YB

    Hi Steve,

    I’m sorry to hear that, damn I even feel guilty as I hoped they would deliver everything step by step (hence why I figured mine wouldn’t be on its way for a long long time).

    I hope you guys will be helped as quick & as friendly as the Belgian office helped me. I don’t want to point any fingers at anybody, but I guess you are UK based?

    From all the disturbing comments I read here I get the feeling the UK office might be a bit of a bottleneck in the communication/delivery system or the shipping to your country might be creating problems?

    I do hope everything will be solved for you guys as fast as possible… so sorry to hear. 🙁

  • Steve Lesson

    Another week, others ordering the same line receiving dates.
    Nothing here.

  • Steve Lesson

    Germans and Japanese – never wrong. I have shipped a few things to our German supplies with faults, only for them to be returned fully working and labelled ‘no fault found’. happens a lot 🙂

  • Steve Lesson

    Which I even MORE bloody annoying to the rest of us. Who ordered the same bike before you, but have not even a delivery date yet. Shysters…

  • YB

    Just a heads up: good things must be said too.

    They gave me nothing of a hard time & some great service while I was reading these scary stories all over the place. I Ordered on december 21st. Canyon Ultimate CF SL 9.0 S – Out of Stock.

    Yes, we had some problems paying & yes contacting them in the Christmas Holidays was a pain & yes their communication between the Koblenz office & the local Belgian division wasn’t clear at certain moments (phone calls, twitter rants… nothing helped), but eventually we got over the creditcard/payment problems & wire transferred the money last week.

    I was persistent, friendly & clear in my communication & checked with them on regular bases through chat (each 2 days). I double checked the payment with them on chat twice & I double checked the delivery date with them for delays.

    Got the confirmation on chat yesterday: ready for shipment, order was connected to payment in their system & my bicycle could be on the way somewhere this week.

    Having read all the negative comments about their promises I was sceptic about it arriving within’ 1 or maybe two weeks.

    Long story short: I have no idea if they are doing extra effort with shipments. But after confirmation yesterday my friend just posted a picture of me sitting on top of the Canyon delivery box as happy as a kid could be. 2 day delivery. 1,5 weeks after wire transfer payment. That’s Thursday -> Tuesday.

    They seem to get back on their feet… Anyhow. I’m happy as can be… I’ve been reading stories since my holidays about this & being afraid I would have been a ‘victim’.

  • Robert Seddon

    I had no such issues with my latest Canyon…… “ordered” on eBay and it arrived 3 days later :o) I have got 2 more Canyons that I bought for myself and the wife in 2013 and no delivery issues whatsoever but I guess that was before the rush. I genuinely feel sorry for you guys but I’ve had really crap service from LBS AND paid a premium for their bikes !

  • Stevo

    Canyon is to other internet bike companies what Poundstore is to other retailers. Seems a fair comparison, in respect of customer service at least.

  • Gazzaputt

    LOL I also had the same!

    Ordered a bike in the sale told a week later it’d been double sold.

    Went to a proper bike shop and bought a Giant Defy in the sales roughly same money better spec.

  • Crydda

    False comparison there, old boy. Poundstore is a retail outlet and should be compared to other retail outlets.
    Canyon do not sell through retailers, hence the price savings. The lower prices come from not having a retailers mark up and so, SHOULD NOT come from cutting corners in customer services. Hence the widespread dissatisfaction.

  • MrHaematocrit

    Your getting what you pay for, that cheap bike with incredible spec. Well the savings come from infrastructure and customer service.
    You can’t have your cake and eat it.
    If you place value on service, customer experience and service your going to have to pay for it.
    Strangely enough the poundstore is also not reknown for quality customer experience, they are known for being cheap.

  • Crydda

    Well, thank you for your most enlightening and constructive contribution to this topic.

  • Crydda

    I think you’re spot on. As I said elsewhere, I love my Canyon, but the hassles I’ve had and their arrogant and dismissive customer service would make me think very carefully about ordering another.
    I think they’ve probably grown too big too quickly and their support services just can’t keep up, but whatever the problems are, they are clearly unacceptable to a lot of people and not just in the UK.

  • Frank TheTank

    Orderd my Canyon MTB STRIVE CF8.0 beginning of August 2014 and received it after several delays in early February 2015. So no, these problems did not start in Oct 15 due to a software migration issue, these are much bigger long lasting issues…at least in the Canyon MTB section this product causes many different problems(e.g. shapeshifter) since production started and Canyon messed it all up from the beginning…

  • Crydda

    I’m not here to defend Canyon, but my issue with them was rather different than others posting here. I bought my bike on the spot and took it away with me immediately, from their HQ in Koblenz; hence no waiting or delivery issues.
    My problem was with the Mavic rear wheel, which when returned to Canyon, under warranty, they simply replaced a single broken spoke, when (as I later discovered) Mavic specifically stipulate that all spokes on carbon wheel should be replaced as a complete set.
    Canyon then reneged on their promise and refused to accept this was a warranty issue and also tried to bill me for their ‘service’, even though the bike was less than six months old. I refused to pay, despite Canyon’s threats. The wheel subsequently failed again.
    When I returned to the UK, for a holiday, I sent the wheel to Mavic for assessment and they immediately issued a replacement, without questioning or delay. A notable contrast to the attitude of Canyon.

  • Steve Lesson

    Err….No. You can’t.
    I don’t read anyone moaning about servicing or test rides.
    My Trek is from Evans, still had to wait for delivery….

  • Steve Lesson

    All bullshit
    NO LETTER received from a CEO or anyone else.
    One email this week stating delivery date was last December. …
    Fecking clueless.

  • Jamie Cook

    it is the Ultimate CF SL9.0 Aero. The original delivery time was 8 weeks now it 8 months!

  • mAxL

    which model did you order?

  • Jamie Cook

    I ordered my bike back on the 4th August and after about 4 different delivery dates was expecting it this week. Spoke to canyon today and they have given me a new date of April!! That’s 8 months after the original order on the 4th August that was originally due the start of October..

  • dourscot

    Considering ordering a Canyon – having read these comments won’t be making that mistake.

    They should be careful – reputations have a habit of sticking around long after problems have been fixed.

  • incaking

    Similar experience…order 2015 model on sale end of September, since then multiple (incorrect) order confirmations, conflicting feedbacks every time I reach someone on the phone incl. that order cannot be fulfilled as same bike was supposedly sold multiple times etc.
    Everytime I see a new article about a Canyon bike or one of their high-gloss PR activities in one of the bike magazines or websites I cringe as there is no point publishing glowing reviews or do PR for this company if the paying bread and butter customers are treated like fools again and again. Guess they pay too much for advertising to allow for truthful reporting.
    Its 2016, how on earth can a company that solely relies on internet sales not even get the basic fundamentals right? There have been many moments in these past months when I wished the company goes bankrupt to prevent more potential customers going through this frustrating experience.
    Thank God I didn’t yet pay for the order otherwise I’d have taken legal action against them for not fulfilling their contractual obligations.

  • Ourmedia Guy

    canyon is so last year anyway ???? FACTOR is the new Black !!!!!

  • Curved Slightly

    Don’t bother ordering a Strive, the the shapeshifter is flawed and will last 3 rides before you need a replacement which will take over 2 months to arrive! Many Strive owners have been waiting for 4 months already!

  • Mike Prytherch

    I find Canyon’s comments to be a continuation of the bull they have been giving out, they had issues in September, you know what guys, Christmas comes around every year, so you already had a backlog, but you didn’t bother arranging extra customer services over Christmas, you knew it would get worse but didn’t do anything about it. Also your new factory, perhaps you should of tested it fully before putting it online, idiots.

  • Crydda

    Can you name one brand of bike, bought through a retailer, that can even get close to a similar price for the spec that Canyon offer? I very much doubt it.
    Their customer service is certainly lousy, but if you’re a decent home mechanic (bikes aren’t very complicated, after all) and there are no warranty issues, then there’s no problem.
    If you don’t want to do any maintenance work yourself, then fair enough, buy from a reliable local retailer, but you will certainly get less bike for your money.

  • jj

    There well known in many circles for poor service lack of responses & must have lost thousands of customers… Just like VW & trust has been broken here also… They should just do what normal manufactures do let the bike shops deal with customers so they can get on with the main issue at hand manufacturing!

  • Jay

    That will go against their business model to try and cut out the middle man (our trusty LBS) to save us consumers some money. Even then when you buy a bike from your LBS that are short on stock you still need to wait a few mths as well.

  • Alan Hardie

    I bought my Canyon in January a year ago. It had a 6 week delivery period and arrived on the due date. Couldn’t fault the delivery and correspondence or customer service and certainly can’t fault the bike, which has been excellent. Obviously something has gone horribly wrong – most likely due to increased demand. Hopefully they’ll sort themselves out, as the product is excellent.

  • Milkfloat

    I ordered in mid August, then spent the next 4 months being lied to and ignored. I even had the CEO’s secretary trying for me. After 5 missed delivery dates I purchased a Cannondale from my LBS. I only just got a refund last week despite asking a month ago.

    Any company have have problems, it is how they deal with the problems that defines the company. Canyon have defined themselves as liars and shysters. They knew they had problems back in September, but denied it and still continued to sell bikes with totally unrealistic delivery dates until late November.

  • Tony

    No sympathy for these whingers, should have bought a bike in Britain, preferably near to where you live so you can actually go in the shop, try it out, get it serviced etc. I agree the Canyon is a good bike , my son in law has one, but you can get just as good a bike for your money in this country instead of following the fashionable herd. Be an individual!!

  • James

    Yep – ordered mine at the Cycle Show at the end of September then in November got told my bike would be delivered in July 2016! Absolutely unbelievable! Like other people here I’ve taken my £2k to Rose instead.Totally shocking from Canyon and I’m sure they’ve lost a huge amount of money from their terrible service.

  • Simon Keen

    Unfortunately Canyon are not being truthful in their comments. I handed back my 1 year old Endurace for a warranty frame replacement in mid-August before I went abroad. When I returned 3 weeks later I was told I would have my frame back in a couple of weeks but when it didn’t materialise by early October I was fobbwd off for several weeks before finally being told that the system had gone wrong in early September. They had no idea when I would get my frame or even where it was.

    The CEO did NOT write to those of us waiting for new frames and in fact the only communication we have had is from Canyon UK doing their best but who could tell us nothing.

    I contacted the Frank Aldorf via linked in but he didn’t bother to reply.

    I was told before Christmas that I should have a new frame in 3-4 weeks, we shall see.

    I love the bike but the company approach to customers sucks.

    The CIO/COO should have been fired by now.

  • Andy

    I ordered a Canyon from their Factory Outlet and a month after receiving the ‘thank you for your order email’ I was told by their UK customer service that my order no longer existed as it was double sold! After no apology I then stupidly ordered another from their production line as they ‘generously’ offered me a 5% discount and free shipping and told me it would likely be despatched in another 2 Weeks. It didn’t happen and so I cancelled my order and all dealings with them and have ordered a Rose CRS X lite from Rosebikes instead. Their customer service by contrast I found to be so much better and my bike is currently in transit as I type. I know because they have kept me up to date… I Will never deal with Canyon again.

  • Nathan Perry

    For most businesses in the retail sector, the ‘xmas period’ often begins in September

  • Crydda

    I love my Canyon, but their customer service is dire. If you want a Canyon and there’s no better bike for the money, you’d better be adept at maintaining it yourself, or have a nice friendly bike mechanic quickly on hand, because don’t expect much from Canyon.
    By the way, if you do book in a service; their charges are exorbitant.

  • Javier

    I sent my Canyon frame back to the Spanish customer services, as it was still in guarantee and they confirmed to me I should get a new frame…but this was back in September. As per email correspondence with Canyon Spain, these issues with the new software are present from October, so Canyon HQ is not right when they say this just happen in Xmas period. It has been like this since September.
    Still waiting for my frame thought… 🙁

  • dannybuoy

    I ordered a Rose instead of a Canyon as I heard their customer service was worse than Rose. My bike did arrive a little quicker than expected but it still took close to 2 months. Was it worth the wait? Yes, you just don’t get that spec for the price from a LBS sadly. The wait was long but I had my previous bike to use anyway. I guess when Canyon and Rose stop offering cheaper high spec bikes and demand drops, so will the delivery times.