Trek Factory Racing's Fabian Cancellara takes to Twitter to call for rule changes after the peloton at Tirreno-Adriatico were forced to ride through a snow storm

Three weeks after he held court under a motorway bridge at the Tour of Oman, Fabian Cancellara again found himself leading the call for rule changes after extreme weather at Tirreno-Adriatico.

Whereas the stifling 45-degree heat of the desert was the issue in February, on Sunday riders felt the other end of the spectrum, riding the final kilometres to the top of the Terminillo in a blizzard.

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And Cancellara took to Twitter, along with some of his fellow riders, to call for changes to be made to ensure that the peloton’s health and safety is taken into account in such conditions.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.47.24In Oman, Cancellara led the discussions between race organisers and the striking peloton under a flyover as several riders suffered punctures caused by the sizzling tarmac.

Fabian Cancellara discusses with Salim bin Mubarak Al Hasani  Photo : Yuzuru SUNADA

Fabian Cancellara discusses with Salim bin Mubarak Al Hasani
Photo : Yuzuru SUNADA

In Italy, however, the riders ploughed on to the finish, with Filippo Pozzato also stating his displeasure. “You [spectators] may like this show’. In my PERSONAL opinion NO! (Criticize me as well)” reads his tweet sent after the race.

  • Ndbbm

    What a P**sy

  • Giant Bikes Break

    He’s like Goldilocks – this race is too hot, this race is too cold…

  • Mister Epic

    He is not Spartacus afterall.

  • Koper

    There is a difference between a regular job and being a professional athlete. In most jobs, you are being payed for your skill set and all-round contribution to the product your company is making. In sports, athletes are payed ONLY for marketing reasons. Winners attract the attention of people. That raises the profile of the sponsoring company which therefore makes higher profit and is able to pay them from it. People don’t see you, company doesn’t have higher profit and all of the sudden they don’t have reason to pay you anymore.

    I don’t agree with the statement that riders or any athlete should be pushed through that by force. But you need to remember that these are moments which are MOST memorable for people(not willingly, that is just in our nature) and that’s what sponsoring companies seek. Good managers know that rider has to decide on his own if he is fit enough to handle the conditions or not (or pull him out of it themselves, it’s their money after all), but every time these extremes arise, there are few who are willing to continue and those are the ones that are rewarded .. And remembered …

  • DJP

    Search: “Velominati The Rules”

  • DJP

    I think “Spartacus” needs to familiarize himself with Rule #5…

    Rule #5 : Harden The Fuck Up.

  • The Bolton Bullet

    No other riders complained as far as I know. And whilst my job doesn’t require me to endure such conditions, getting to and from it does pretty frequently during the Winter. And unlike “Spartacus” if I don’t “finish” ie make it there,I don’t get paid. The trouble with all his whinging is that when there IS a genuine concern, no one is likely to listen to him..

  • LeFabe

    because all these commenters are completely retarded. It doesnt even make sense to force the peloton that is out of contention to even finish a mountaintop stage when it’s full blown blizzard. Why didnt’ they just stop?

  • LeFabe

    like he had a chance of winning a mountaintop finish

  • Tignard

    Why do so many people expect pro bike rides to risk health, potentially career wrecking injury and event death in atrocious conditions? Does your job expect you to do that? Race organisers are too keen on spectacle and don’t pay enough attention to routes, conditions and the duty of care to riders. Killing the odd miner used to be acceptable – the world moves on

  • Adele

    Much as I love Fabian, I live in Northern Ireland and I have to train in that right through the winter.

  • I Am The Arsenal

    I’ve followed Cancellara (as a fan) for some time now. He whine’s when his chances of winning are diminished. And as he’s in the twilight of his career, expect the whining to come faster and harder.

  • cahern1968

    Maybe Mr Cancelera wants all races to be held on perfectly straight and wide roads, with temperatures of 15 to 25, with a tailwind, perfectly clear blue skies and downhill all the way. I have just come up with one possible solution for him, maybe he should take up indoor track racing?

  • Adam Beevers

    I thought Cancellara was a professional bike cyclist, not a professional whinger! Surely these guys can look at the weather forecast and dress / set the bike up appropriately?

  • Erik Van Bommel

    Hold on. I watched this (from the comfort of my sofa, granted), and I saw a whole mess of pros finish, still at full pelt (loss of traction notwithstanding) without overshoes, gilets, even arm-warmers. Was he in the same race? It did look incredibly bleak but it was only for the last 10-20mins surely? Some pros nowadays are getting a bit soft what with showers in the bus, heat-moulded shoes and only racing 20days of the year. I’m all for riding clean but there still has to be various sorts of extraneous vresistance for these guys to work against

  • The Bolton Bullet

    “The snow was nothing” – Yates. Depends on your perspective of course, but Fabian these days always seems to find something to whinge about…