Chris Froome also says Mikel Landa could ride with him at the 2016 Tour de France, but there are many other strong riders to challenge him for places

Chris Froome says he should have taken some of the doping suspicion angled at him at the Tour de France as praise for his performance, but admits it was hard to face such vocal abuse.

Media, including former rider Laurent Jalabert on French television, questioned the plausibility of Froome’s performances after his power data from a stage of the 2013 Tour came to light.

Froome vehemently denies the accusations but he and his Team Sky teammates suffered verbal and physical abuse along the route of the Tour and the Brit was forced to speak out a number of times.

“There are times I’ve come to think that I should take such suspicion as praise for my performance, but certainly I did not. I had to answer many questions about these issues when I was yellow,” he told Spanish newspaper AS.

“Sometimes it’s frustrating and I think in the Tour it was one of the hardest things that I had to face, but I got over it because I had nothing to hide.”

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While Richie Porte has departed to join BMC, Team Sky have found a replacement in Spaniard Michel Landa, who transfers from Astana

Froome believes the 25-year-old has the ability to lead Sky at big races like the Giro d’Italia, where Landa finished second this year, but says he might also form part of his team at the Tour de France in July.

“I’m sure he is qualified [to lead the team] and will have to take that role on many occasions [in the season]. Last year was confirmation to show what he can do in a very prestigious race,” he added.

“It’s a possibility [that he will ride the Tour], but there are many strong riders at Sky who could be in the Tour team. As for the other major races, it depends on many factors. If he’s in the line-up then of course he will be very important.”

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  • Vance Harvey

    Absolutely….. I think Sky have done brilliantly for cycling so applaud them for them for all their efforts – no other multi national business has done the same as I can remember.
    Also I’m a great admirer of Chris Froome and will be routing for him in July for a 3rd win.

  • Vance Harvey

    AB….how come you are so knowledgeable on my private life – you been tracking me? What a silly man you are making such juvenile comments!

  • Stevo

    Sky brought money into the sport, which is probably a good thing. Sky’s success has presumably contributed to cycling’s popularity in the UK, which is also good.

  • John Westwell

    No, I think he’s in an irony-free zone.

  • TheVelvetUnderpants

    If you are bringing spelling into the argument you should know entity is not spelt ‘enterty’ 🙂 lol
    Or are you being ironic?

  • David Kirkup

    Excellent response Andrew. Now I understand your argument.

  • Andrew Bairsto

    When you think sky is ok for sport carry on its a free world as I said IMO,and as for Mr Harvey at least I can spell unlike a non enterty that’s never done anything in or with his life.

  • RobTM

    Control football? Seems like the FA and EU law courts have asay. There’s a forced ban on exclusive TV deal, hence BT Sports Premier league matches.
    Wake up Andrew.. that’s just fantasy

  • RobTM

    Which Sky fans have said that? Demanding you actually have evidence for the trolling, is not “biased” it’s rational and objective.
    Any regular recognises David and Andrew, and there agenda.

  • Vance Harvey

    He can’t cos he talks a load of bollox

  • Stevo

    Can you be more specific about what you have against the team itself? What do you know about the team that makes you call it “one of the worst”?

  • Andrew Bairsto

    If you don´t know you should you obviously do take an interest in where the money goes.Sky has one aim that is to control cycling as it does with football and cricket both in the UK and abroad where I live it has no morals whatsoever it has one philosophy and that is placing money where it will do them most good .Why do think the some of the best riders leave and those with any real talent refuse to go to them.IMO.

  • Stevo

    Can you explain what you have against the team? In what way is Sky “one of the worst”?

  • Andrew Bairsto

    To true you would think Sky are angels instead of one of the worst teams ever to don a cycling jersey I would not believe a word that came out of their mouths.

  • David Sundheim

    Are Sky fans really so biased as to believe their team is absolutely pure? And that Astana is absolutely evil,… Oh except for the one rider they rescued from the dark side at Astana?

    Yeah that must have been it, Landa was the only clean rider on Astana, and Sky swooped in just in time to save him before he was corrupted.

    Give me a break… You can’t be that naive.

  • David Sundheim

    Astana are no different than any other team at that level.

    I guess I have to take him at his word, but if it ever comes out he was cheating… would I be surprised? Not in the least.

  • J1

    He should probably stop bringing it up now.

    Landa will win a Grand Tour pretty soon, he’s been amazing….I hope his time at Astana hasn’t turned him to the dark side though.

  • Tom Sharp

    good for you

  • blemcooper

    Landa finished third in the Giro.

  • Andrew Bairsto

    I think he has