Author Chris Ward shows us who he plans to vote for with this imaginative piece of Strava art


It’s election day, and author turned cyclist Chris Ward has created his own little election message on Strava, perhaps giving away his voting tendency in the process.

Ward, author of ‘Out of the Office‘ and ‘Grounded‘, mapped out ‘VOTE LAbour’ in a 9km route in Central London, taking in the sights of Marylebone and Fitzrovia.

The father of four didn’t set any KOMs on his ride, but did get a few personal bests along the way, so it wasn’t all for the fun of it, clearly.

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But nevertheless, it’s an imaginative way to exercise your democratic right to ride a bike, as well as suggest how the country is run.

Unfortunately for Ward, if he happens to live in the Cities of London and Westminster constituency in which he cycled, the Labour Party will have to turn round an 11,000 Tory majority to take the seat.

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Whether the Strava art will inspire people to vote red is yet to be seen, but as Ward reminds us – there are other parties you can ride for as well.

  • David Chadderton

    UK political parties

    Cycling is always hard labour. Riders have to be very conservative in relation to traffic. Liberal dosage with protein and carbohydrates needed on a long ride in the green very democratic countryside. SNP stands for cyclists are super natural pedaler’s. UKIP means universal krypton ingress protection. A Cameron is, well, has to be, a Scottish cycling club. A Milli band is a very small electronic wristband to measure cycling performance; it always exaggerates real performance. A clegg is what happens to cyclocross riders wheel arches. A euro party is the TdF. A secure seat is the one that does not fall off the rider’s seat post. A Portillo moment is where Riche Porte wins the Giro, oh, he is Australian. An Ashcroft is a burnt New Forest Verderer’s small house. Shall I continue? No. Stop!