Best waterproof cycling phone cases reviewed

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For better or worse no one is going anywhere without their phone these days. When you are out on a ride it provides a lifeline in case something happens, and it can also track your rides and help you meet up with riding buddies.

But when the rain falls and the mud and grit splashes up off the ground and onto you, you need to think about how to protect your phone on your ride.

If you use a dedicated cycling computer, then your needs will be different from someone who needs to see their phone. For some people an always on, always protective, case simplifies what it takes to get ready for a ride. For other people it makes more sense to keep their phone as unencumbered as possible most of the time then add a case for riding when it's necessary.

Our Pick of The Best Phone Cases for Cycling

Here’s our pick of the best waterproof phone cases for cycling on the market right now. Read on for more tips on what to consider when choosing how to protect your phone no matter how wet or muddy your ride might be.

Rapha Rainproof phone case

Rapha Rainproof Essentials Case

Which phones will it fit: Universal
Reasons to buy
+Looks great+Low price
Reasons to avoid

Rapha has a reputation for style, and one rightly earned with products that consider not just performance but aesthetics. If you like to keep your bike free of luggage and stuff things in your jersey pockets the Rapha rainproof essentials case is a perfect solution.

The Rainproof Essentials case can be had in either a regular size or a large size. Whatever way you go, there's not a lot of extra bulk in a jersey pocket so bare that in mind when choosing.

Silca Phone Wallet waterproof phone cases

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Silca Phone Wallet

Which phones will it fit: Universal
Reasons to buy
+No reason to worry about leaks+Low price
Reasons to avoid

Bucking their reputation of high prices with their solution for phone protection, the Silca Phone Wallet is modestly priced compared what's on the market.

What is not modest is the size and protection of the Silca Phone Wallet. Inside the waxed canvas outer is a small dry bag for a phone, cards and cash. The outside dimensions are quite a bit bigger than the space for a phone, and the additional space will provide some protection if you find yourself flat on your back during a ride.

Sea To Summit TPU Guide Waterproof phone case

Sea To Summit TPU Guide

Which phones will it fit: Universal
Reasons to buy
+So well protected from water it can survive a drop in a lake+Versatility+Low pricing
Reasons to avoid
-Doesn't provide drop protection

Sometimes style isn't the most important trait, and if you want to protect something from water there's no better solution than a dry bag. The Sea To Summit TPU Guide gets an IPX8 waterproof ratings, and that's enough protection to handle complete immersion.

Beyond being extremely waterproof the Sea To Summit TPU guide gets points for its versatility. You can use the screen without getting the phone out so it should work if you need to send a quick text or check the map. Moreover, it's possible to strap it to your bike or put in your jersey making it a good choice for a variety of different needs.

Lifeproof Waterproof Samsung S10 case

Lifeproof Fre Case

Which phones will it fit: iPhone se (2nd gen), 8/7, 8/7Plus, 11, 11 pro max, 6/6s, 6/6s Plus, XR, Xs, Xs Max Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+, S9/S9+, S8
Reasons to buy
+Leave it on all the time+Shockproof
Reasons to avoid

If you like the idea of just having your phone protected all the time then this is a good choice. The Lifeproof Fre works with most modern iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models and it protects and waterproofs your phone.

Sure, many of those same models include some waterproof features without a case that doesn't protect them from drops and mud, but the grit that accumulates on a deep winter ride isn't something you want to try and clean off an expensive phone.

Hitcase Waterproof iPhone Case

Hitcase Splash - Waterproof iPhone Case

Which phones will it fit: iPhone Xr, Xs Max, 7/8/SE, 7/8 Plus, X/Xs
Reasons to buy
+Leave it on all the time+Shockproof+Great for photography
Reasons to avoid
-Makes it hard to use the edge of the screen

The Hitcase Splash is another great option if you don't want to hassle with adding cases before a ride. The drawback is that it's only available for a narrow range of iPhones.

If it happens to work for you, then it has some great features, including being drop resistant and waterproof up to 10ft without being overly bulky.

What's more, the Hitcase Slash is a dream for taking great pictures. The red shutter button makes it easy to remember which button to push, and if you need more options than Apple offers from the factory there is a trio of magnetic lenses available.

Rockbros Waterproof handlebar mount

ROCKBROS Bike Phone Mount Bag

Which phones will it fit: Universal
Reasons to buy
+Extra storage space+Inexpensive
Reasons to avoid
-Doesn't feel premium

If you need your phone visible and useable during your ride then you'll want something that mounts to the bike. The Rockbros handlebar bag sits on the stem and keeps the phone useable. The three-point mounting helps keep the whole unit stable by triangulating between the handlebars and the stem, while using a hook and loop closure system should mean it works no matter what size your bars you have.

If you've already got something sitting on your bars it's not a bad idea to add a bit of storage as well.Unzip the enclosure and under there is a storage compartment that works well for phone or an extra battery.

best cycling phone cases and mounts

Which phones will it fit: SE(2nd Gen) / 8 / 7, iPhone 11, iPhone X, iPhone XS, plus any 4.5” to 6.5” screen smartphone
Reasons to buy
+Stays put+Tough casing+Elegant
Reasons to avoid

One of the most popular brands for cycling phone mounts and cases is Topeak. Their nifty designs include a flipstand on the phone case and a stem cap that also acts as the phone mount, freeing up your handlebar.

The angle of the phone can be adjusted, and you can set it up to be landscape or portrait. The case is made from high grade plastic with a carbon finished base plate - and can also be used as an every-day phone case when you're off the bike.

Quad lock bike phone mount

Which phones will it fit: Universal

One of the newest contenders of the phone mount market, Quad Lock claim to be the strongest and lightest system out there. There's a range of different options, depending upon the phone you use and the level of protection you want.

Regardless which you choose, the system allows for both horizontal and vertical orientation, great for changing preferences. A standard stem mount is supplied, but you can also opt to go for an out-front version if you'd prefer.

Things to be aware of when buying a bike phone mount

Hardcase vs softcase

Generally speaking, hardcase phone mounts are a lot more expensive than their softcase cousins but that doesn't mean that softcases don't have their uses.

Versatility among brands means that softcases can usually work with any smartphone and allow touchscreen capability on the most part when hardcases are model specific and sometimes miss out on the touchscreen aspect. It depends what you prefer more.


If you're riding in all conditions, it would be handy to check when buying if your phone mount is waterproof. While they may look it on the surface, some may not be up to the job.

Look for reference to a screen cover that allows you to use your touchscreen device as normal, whilst keeping it dry.

Handlebar mount vs Stem cap mount

Some mounting systems offer the chance to replace your bike's stem cap with one that will allow you to connect your phone clearing up your handlebar space. However, this will make the phone a bit further out of your periphery meaning you'll have to move your head downwards more obviously.

If you prefer to have the phone on the edge of your sight then a handlebar mount may be a better option but the con will be the added clutter to your cockpit.