Essex Police confirm a man has voluntarily attended Chelmsford police station to give an account of the incident. The matter is now in the hands of the Metropolitan Police

The van driver who was filmed punching a cyclist to the ground has today handed himself into police, according to reports.

Yesterday, Essex Police urged the cyclist to come forward after the shocking video emerged on Twitter and confirmed to MailOnline that the driver voluntarily attended Chelmsford Police station this morning.

An Essex Police spokesman told the website: ‘A man has voluntarily attended at Chelmsford Police station this morning to give an account of the incident. It has now been established that this incident took place in the Hornchurch area and the matter has been passed to the Metropolitan Police to investigate’.

The rider shouted at the van driver to get off his mobile phone and was then knocked off his bike as the van drove closer to the kerb. The driver then exited the vehicle and a scuffle broke out, resulting in the cyclist being punched to the ground.

The van was decked out in Taylor Landscaping livery, who have subsequently been suspended by online directory TrustATrader pending a police investigation.

The Metropolitan Police are now looking to speak to the cyclist involved in the incident.


    Cyclist should have just stabbed the idiot in the van.
    He used his van as a weapon, then fists, it would be fair

  • Seb K

    He won’t go to prison . He will lose his job, get fined and get points on his licence . If everyone who punched someone went to prison the prisons would be busting at the seams .

  • chetlo

    Pretty much no excuse for that van driver whatever happened before. Mob justice? more like the public decided this wasn’t acceptable behaviour in society.

  • Guest

    I still beleive the cyclist was wrong on many counts on this and always will !

  • cosmo smalls

    Get you.

  • cosmo smalls

    Absolutely. Cycling is a free for all and it enables car drivers to paint us all with the same brush. As a cyclist who drives, I find it more stressful to deal with cyclists than other cars. Cyclists are so much more unpredictable.

  • cosmo smalls

    Cyclists ARE second class road users!! Roads are built for cars with cyclists as an after thought. I’m not saying its right its just the way it is. If you consider the roads as a democracy then the majority rules and the majority is the motor vehicle. I drive too and consider myself an equal in a car. As a cyclist I consider the likelihood of me getting killed or injured and behave accordingly and with extra respect to people who have the potential to do me damage. Its arrogant to think otherwise and that is what I think gets the goat of most car drivers in relation to cyclists. We are just getting from a to b. Not everything has to be approached with a ‘i have just as much right…’ mentality. The Netherlands has it right. The two just dont mix.

  • djbethell


  • Just for once, I’d like to see the headline “VAN DRIVER ASSAULTS CYCLIST, COMES OFF WORST”

  • Blair Nicol

    The only evidence of him using a mobile is the cyclist’s accusation. Not to mention the cyclist undertook him on a junction. What if the van turned left? The cyclist showed no regard to that and would have went straight into him. It doesn’t excuse the driver from assaulting the cyclist but up until the incident it was as much the cyclist’s fault as it was the van drivers.

  • steve docker doherty

    one question, if the poor cyclist would have been a police officer with the police logo on his top, would the van driver drop his mobile quickly and pass with caution ? . I think the answer would be yes. The van driver is a thug and hopefully with this evidence and the pressure of the internet , the louse will get a prison sentence, banned from driving and loose his business.

  • Scooby

    Sorry, I think you should re-read what has been posted and then my post with a quotation from it..
    I am a cyclist, I pay ‘Road’ tax towards the maintenance of the roads. Its called council tax!

  • trummy red

    How many cyclist do not have to tax a motor vehicle – not many. I have four to tax so please do not expect cyclists to have to start paying cycle tax

  • jones

    I drive a motorbike every day in all weather conditions and i regularly filter through traffic and see cyclists doing the same thing to drivers with no regard for their own safety or the safety of others. They are one of the most vulnerable road users but do not take action to reduce the risk of harm. Such as riding only on the left of the road, riding slowly through heavy traffic and making sure other road users are aware of what you intend to do…. If that van had decided to make a left turn at that junction this could be a very different story…. as the cyclist would have been undertaking the van…..

  • Rouleur1971

    “I am a cyclist”

    Astonishing attitude, you are basically suggesting cyclists are second class road users. If you really are a cyclist I hope the next dangerous driver to come up behind you doesnt give the same excuse to knock you off.

  • jones

    probably because the cyclist was partially at fault as the gap narrowed and he went through. Notice the end the van at the junction was still poking out and the cyclist cut up the van drive in question to get through. I am not saying the man was right to assualt the cyclist but the whole situation could have been avoided if the cyclist was more aware of the dangers of undertaking…..

  • DarrenRevell

    I am not supporting the van driver in anyway, just making a general point about cyclist. I’d like to see more ability to film crimes and then publish this way, but it still works one way when it comes to vehicles and cyclists. Vehicles can be identified easily cyclist are nearly impossible to trace.

  • Jason Brogden

    I’ve had the same in London.
    One cyclist jumped red lights on Camden High Street, London, in front of me on my bike.
    We collided with us and our bikes in the road in front of cars and on the pavement hitting pedestrians.
    We were both OK as were our bikes, until I stamped on and buckled both his wheels, telling him to stay off the road until he can use the road safely.
    Thankfully, my bike missed the child in the pushchair on the pavement or things would have been far worse.

    Some ‘cyclists’ give the rest of use a bad name.
    Cyclists wearing cameras do so for their own defense. Why would a cyclist wearing a headcam commit road traffic offenses?
    Even lorries are now starting to have Dashboard cams, for insurance purposes.
    This technology is not saving lives. It is all road users attitude that needs to change for lives to be saved.
    You wouldn’t walk down the street and push someone out the way because they are in your way, why do it on the road

  • sara

    This is terrible and against the law. Along with his colleague smoking in a work van!

  • DarrenRevell

    Agreed, but in Cambridge the cyclist are untouchable so it is just chaos. There is nowhere that motorist are permitted the same blind eye being turned.

    I have sat and watched Police do nothing while this takes place, try telling me they would let a car off running a red light? Running over a pedestrian on a crossing.. etc.

    There is no equality at all.

  • Scooby

    Not all cyclists are law abiding, equally nor are those who use motor vehicles.

  • Scooby

    The impact of this video is far more damaging than a slap on the wrist from the law.. The fact that it has gone viral and is on pretty much every news website and cycling blog, as well as Twitter, and Facebook etc..
    I’m sure white van mans employers are enjoying their new found fame.. I suspect there could be a job vacancy coming up.

  • Scooby

    ”we don’t pay tax to cycle on the road therefore we should always be more aware and more considerate”.

    Maybe you should look where funding for the roads comes from!

  • DarrenRevell

    I ride a bike, have done for 30 years but sadly on my daily school run into Cambridge I see 10-50 cyclist who ride on pavements, run red lights, ride through road crossings while people are walking on them, make no indication when changing lanes, not looking over their shoulder before changing lanes to see if their path is clear, undertaking cars while they turn left into junctions, cycling in the dark without lights, cycling with headphones on so they can not hear their surroundings, overtaking slower cyclist with no hand signals/check to see if their path is clear to move into the middle of the road, cycling two, three, four…10 abreast where the road conditions say stay in single file by the highway code rules.

    One cyclist did not like me waiting to let oncoming traffic through a gap so he cycled up the inside of me clipped my car, forced the oncoming traffic to swerve to avoid him and then singled me out each day for a 4 letter rant for 4 months in front of the school kids.

    In 4 years of making this commute I have yet to see car driver commit any one of these offences, but have seen car hit each other avoiding bad cyclists and people run over by cyclists on red lights and crossings.

  • Stu

    It’s only a cyclist, history dictates probably nothing will happen. Now if he’d assaulted the cyclist and crossed a double white line – whoah boy, he’d be for it.

  • cranky

    The ban on mobile phone use, like speeding, is unenforceable by police. The potential victims should not stand by and let people get away with it. The consequences of not doing anything are worse.

  • cosmo smalls

    Mob justice – which seems to be the way forward. You have no idea what came before time shown in the video. There was probably no provocation but its a bit dodgy for society to start judging people on short, home made videos.

  • cosmo smalls

    I don’t condone the actions of the van driver but I get a bit fed up of the self righteous attitude of cyclists. I am a cyclist but you have to concede that in 2015 roads are primarily the preserve of motor vehicles. That is just a fact. It doesn’t mean you can’t cycle on them but vehicle drivers are generally in tune to the movement of other vehicles. From what I understand there is a cycle path adjacent to this road and this road is very narrow and dangerous. I don’t know how many times I have heard cyclists mouthing off to car drivers, other cyclists, pedestrians. We don’t take tests to cycle on the road, we don’t pay tax to cycle on the road therefore we should always be more aware and more considerate. At the end of the day, no-one likes being told what to do, if you go around playing the special constable on two wheels eventually you will cross the wrong individual.

  • Ricdogwalker

    Another incident with a driver using a mobile phone and just being a prat when it comes to cyclists. Is it not time to ban users of mobile phones when they are driving. 3 points does not bother drivers. BAN him for 12 months and give him a 6 month PRISON sentence. Hope also that all his customers don’t use him again

  • spotthelemon

    probably experience, you can complain to the Police till you’re blue in the face and they’ll always find a reason to do nothing. The only person who gets detained by them is you, whilst you hang about for hours waiting to make a statement which a Policeman then thinks up an excuse not to act on. Posting on Youtube is more likely to get a response, even if it’s only sympathy from other cyclists.

  • spotthelemon

    Based on the outcome of previous incidents either nothing or very little will happen to the Van driver, then the authorities will agonise over the cyclist casualty rate.

  • hailpantani

    This thug needs a spell in prison. But the law will probably award him a medal.

  • David

    Justice has taken a much more productive route through sharing the video than going to the police would ever achieve.

  • Lisa K Emms

    I suspect he is terrified

  • Chris

    I was in a very bad mood today and if I had been that cycleist that bald fat cretin would be in intensive care now and it would be me facing jail!

  • thctimes

    or more likely they will call him a bad man and zero charges against him.

  • Bob Smith

    I would have knocked the van driver OUT!!! big time, INNIT!!!

  • James Gill

    But why would he upload the video and NOT then contact the police. Makes no sense. I hope we find out what has happened

  • John Evans

    A spell in pokey beckons for white van man.

    Dangerous Driving and GBH must be good for at least 18 months.