Canyon founder Roman Arnold apologies to customers for months of delays

Canyon’s CEO and founder Roman Arnold has issued an open letter apologising for production and shipping delays that have left thousands of customers waiting months longer than promised for delivery of their new bikes.

Since October, the German company has been going through the process moving into a new factory and introducing new computer software, something which according to Arnold “did not go as planned.”

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“Towards the end of 2015, in response to the rapidly growing demand for our products we took a major step for the future of Canyon. We opened up a brand new, state-of-the-art factory and implemented a new company-wide IT system. Our goal was to streamline our processes to provide all of our customers around the world a simpler and better experience when buying a Canyon bike.

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“Unfortunately, at the start, the total opposite occurred. As soon as we began implementing the new system unexpected problems arose. Instead of improving our processes, they were brought to a standstill.

“Customer and order information vanished and we subjected many of you to ridiculous delivery times. On top of that our customer service was ill-equipped to answer the huge number of enquiries quickly, nor could they access the information necessary to give you the answers you needed.

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“All of these problems, while unintentional, were our responsibility and I deeply regret how many of you have been affected.”

These problems cam to a head in January when a reduced customer service capacity over Christmas lead to a number of letters and emails reaching Cycling Weekly complaining about the problems.

One customer was given customer reported ordering a Canyon Endurace in September, with an estimated delivery time of six weeks, but was then told in January that his bike would in fact not be delivered until late March, more than six months after placing the initial order.

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And this story seemed typical of many other customers’ experiences, with Canyon’s Facebook and Twitter pages inundated with complaints from disgruntled consumers, with one even going as far as setting up a Twitter account specifically to publicise the problem. However, according to Arnold, these problems are now “working themselves out.”

“Over the last few weeks we have dramatically improved the situation thanks to the sustained effort and commitment from the entire Canyon Crew. Our new systems perform better with each passing day. We have learned a tremendous amount from this experience and are certain that in the future we will be much better prepared for any challenges.”

  • Hendrik Loeb

    I suggest to anyone not to order a Canyon Bicycle. This company is absolutely horrendously badly organized and cannot get anything done. Given shipping times do not have anything to do with reality and instead of 3 days you are suddendly supposed to wait two months. They realise after three weeks, that your bike has been shipped to somebody else who ordered it at the same time. Before that, they just don’t know or lie to you. On top of that they want you to pay 250 € extra because the discounted bike is now only available at full price. Negotiations impossible. Paying extra for waiting is there smart strategy. Yay! If you like this kind of ordering process, go ahead.

  • Stevo

    I am sure he thinks they are as bad as everyone else does.

  • Mark Rothschild

    I’ll let Sagan know that…Lol

  • Mark Rothschild


  • Mark Rothschild


  • ronboi

    Blaming it on the computer ,,,,, la. Print relevant information for your business, and do not store it in a flood area. Solved?? OPM ??????

  • MrHaematocrit

    Although all companies experience issues at one time or another the fact that something “did not go as planned.” according to Mr Arnold is a concern.
    However what is a major worry is that at no point did Canyon cease accepting more new orders once it was established that they were unable to deliver in reasonable time frames before they addressed the issues, this total lack of regard for their customer base resulted in more and more people hooked, lied, decieved and above all disapointed.
    Canyon clearly does not care for your custom… Buyer beware !!!

  • Stevo


  • Stevo

    More US rubbish.

  • Stevo

    Same as above, but worse if anything.

  • Stevo

    Crud bike. Overpriced American junk.

  • Milkfloat

    I don’t buy the excuse blaming this on their SAP transition. Even if it failed spectacularly they could have used the orders already inputted into the legacy system. For the small volumes they are talking about, they could have printed out paper if they had to. 8 months delay is more than just an IT system and move to a factory hiccup. I am not sure we will ever know the full story.

  • Milkfloat

    The post stated that I gave up back in December and had already purchased a bike from a real bike shop. If Canyon had not kept stringing me along with continually revised dates I would have got out earlier.

  • joe

    Good reply. My point was more that if you have such frustration with one company maybe consider giving up sooner and find another bike?

  • Andrew Bairsto

    The incompetence within this company at all levels has to be seen to believed no matter what they have in the way of IT or production equipment they would make a mess of it. Where does this cheapness come from a lot of hearsay that’s for sure but no cheaper than anyone else .

  • Cinelli for Mark, I think! Condor road for me and Planet X track/ Unbeatable service and value. Who needs Canyon?

  • Mark Rothschild


  • Mark Rothschild


  • Mark Rothschild


  • Mark Rothschild


  • Mark Rothschild


  • Mark Rothschild


  • Mark Rothschild

    VW…part Deux

  • De Mac

    Absolutely – but these stories of woe never seem to dissuade those who simply HAVE to have the new(est) and best(est) thing to sit out front of the coffee shop…..

  • Vincent Courcy

    They still don’t sell to USA and Canada, don’t even say a date…

  • apwndwest

    Very poor planning. NEVER undertake a large CORE IT project alongside a new production facility. DUM DUM DUM. This is what you get when there is no margin for error.

  • g47911974

    I was lucky enough to have my desired bike in stock when I ordered mine last year. Took about 3 weeks to turn up. It’s an amazing bike at an amazing price. They are a victim of their own success. Role back a few years and they were just another online bike manufacturer and today they have two of the top teams in the Peleton riding their bikes. Thats pretty colossal and rapid growth. When you eventually do get your bike your viewpoint may change and u hope you think it’s worth the wait! I’ll may get shot down in flames but I thought it was only fair to provide another viewpoint

  • Milkfloat

    Well I tried posting about the problems in Syria, Libya et al, but this being a cycling website it did not get too many replies. Maybe you could give it ago and report back with your success.

  • joe

    Ahh first world problems. Always the worst.

  • Milkfloat

    I ordered in early August and finally cancelled in December after the delivery date was pushed back for the 5th time. I spent hours on chat or dealing directly with Arnold’s Secretary, they had no idea and no real apologies. Throughout all this time the company including Arnold would never admit the true scale of the problem and the true timetable for resolution. In fact emails to customers from Arnold were full of deliberate errors that covered up the scale of the problem. I like others had my heart set on a Canyon. If the company had been truthful about the issues and realistic about the resolutions they had planned then perhaps I would have stuck with them. Unfortunately for them, I and suspect others would never go near Canyon again. Dispite a new bike from elsewhere I am still left with a bitter taste in my mouth.

  • DaveS

    Another case of talk being cheap.

  • Robin Mainwaring

    I don’t think Canyon need to actually do anything to get folks queuing up again in their droves. Anyone with an internet connection could have googled “Canyon” 18 months ago and found umpteen forums discussing their appalling reputation for bad deliveries and woeful customer service/communication. Yet, thousands still found it impossible to resist the allure of a nice shiny bike with good spec and at a great price and happily purchased with a “Hope it doesn’t happen to me” attitude. Unfortunately Canyon seem to have gone from bad to worse and it took ages for them to do anything about it, or rather nothing about it…in fact some would say they have sorted the issues out with the same level of incompetence as they have always had! Great bikes mind.

  • Phil Nunez

    Encouraging signs from Canyon but my question to Mr Arnold..
    What are you prepared to do to the thousands of customers like me who cancelled, to get us back on board? I suspect many won’t touch your company with a barge pole, but there’s no getting away from the fact that you produce fantastic bikes. Surely a voucher offering some considerable discount off our next bike purchase would go someway to building bridges and restoring our faith in your brand.

  • Patrick Wing Hin To

    Order a CF-SLX frame set in size S, want to swap with a bigger aero bar. Their CS just reply with an email saying that their system not allowed swapping tor different size. I reply them again and telling them that I am using the exactly 120mm/44cm combination on my current older version of CF-SLX size M frame. So I did not get a reply on that for a month now. The size provide with S size frame is 90/39. it is wait too small. This issue is still not resolved.

  • RobbieJ01

    Ordered my cf-slx on the 1st Sept still not received it. To hear from the CEO that the situation has dramatically improved doesn’t sit too well with me. Only offer of compensation so far is to give me free delivery!!!! Really has taken the excitement out of the purchase.

  • Gazzaputt

    Ordered a bike, paid only to be told a week later it’d been sold to someone else!

    Okay I said to Canyon lets work around this . I’ll buy bike x and wheels x and that gives me the bike I want okay? More expensive for me but I wanted the bike and was still an excellent deal. Yes they say. Guess what happened?

    I’d owned 3 Canyons but I’ll never return to them again. Their customer service is beyond farcical.