Rapha has really gone to town with its colourful design

After adding just a splash of colour to the 2016 Team Sky kit, Rapha has cut loose with its kit design for the newly-formed Canyon-SRAM women’s team, revealing a truly striking ensemble that will certainly stand out in the bunch.

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Aside from the mostly black shorts and leg warmers, the design of the new kit features a rainbow of colours dashed against a black background, a look that has been design to evoke speed and movement. And the design continues to the team’s Canyon Ultimate CF SLX bikes, which also feature the red, pink and blue colour scheme.

Canyon-SRAM kit bike

The bike is just as colourful as the kit

It’s certainly an unusual design the often dull world of modern cycling kits, but then, according to Rapha designer Ultan Coyle, the design has very unusual origins.

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“I’ve long been drawn to the warning tape you see used on building sites and along the street; specifically when there are multiple layers wrapped around scaffolding poles or broken lamp posts to highlight potential dangers. I liked the idea of wrapping the body in the tape to suggest an athletic threat or danger to add attitude and which would come in handy when racing”.

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Make of that what you will, but the team’s riders certainly seem to like the design. “I love the brightness”, said young British sensation Hannah Barnes. “The way the colours fade and almost look like you’re going fast when you’re standing still.”

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But perhaps the best news from the consumer’s point of view is that Rapha is looking to learn from the development of this new kit.

Canyon-SRAM kit 1

Rapha hopes to use the kit to inspire its high-end women’s ranges

“With the introduction of this team kit, Rapha has given over a significant section of its R&D to the design of women’s high-level racing gear. Going forward, we are excited to see how the team will be able to teach us more about designing race kit for women.”

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The Canyon-SRAM team will compete in the inaugural UCI Women’s WorldTour in 2016, which will begin with a women’s version of Strade Bianche in March, although we’d imagine that the first chance to see the new team (and kit) in action will be at the Tour Feminino de San Luis in January, a race that Hannah Barnes has fond memories of from last year.

  • Rich

    ‘going forward….’ lol

  • Herbert Paul Mariñas

    Nice photos. So this means Canyon is trying to equally promote their newer Ultimate coz orders for the Aeroad are overly delayed. However it is a fast bike, no kidding.

  • Bob

    Haha cool. I believe you about the handlebars but none of the riders have been given Aeroad bikes. Trust ‘me’ on this. You’ll see when the season starts anyway but here’s a nice pic from Tiffany Cromwell.

  • Herbert Paul Mariñas

    Just reviewed the pics Bob the parked bike is a Canyon Ultimate 2016 with an H36 aerocockpit. The lady riding the bike has an H11 which is an Aeroad. I have an Aeroad CF SLX 9.0 2015. And have another 8.0 Di2 2016 for wifey on order and crazy about the Canyon road bikes so trust me on this one 😉

  • Bob

    They have just put the aero bars on the ultimate. That’s all.

  • Herbert Paul Mariñas

    H11 for the Aeroad H36 for the Ultimate. And the cockpit reads H11

  • Howmanyjackos

    Wrapping female riders bodies with lots of stickytape…Great inspiration. ..

  • ummm…

    wait, this kit is specifically designed for women? it cant be worn by men? How much does R&D cost for “the design of WOMENS high level racing gear. just put some extra fabric for the ladies up top, and the gents downtown. I’ll take two.

  • Kit Lam

    Good point. But what about the seat stays and rear brakes? Either a modified frame or new development from SRAM.

    Either way I really want a SRAM eTap aeroad!

  • Bob

    Yes, I think they are just using those bars.

  • Kit Lam

    Thank you. The article said aeroad. I was thinking it was the ultimate, but handlebars are you those on the aeroad… I’ll guess we shall find out more!

  • Simon

    Great point, it looks from the photo like there is a central bolt on that brake, so Canyon have probably just made a fork compatible with the SRAM brakes.

  • Bob

    Ultimate, not Aeroad

  • Kit Lam

    Interesting…SRAM don’t make direct mount brakes? So how are the red brakes on the Aeroad (requires direct mount)