British clothing manufacturer Rapha has launched its Team Sky range, including 60 items of Sky-branded clothing and accessories.

Sky has signed up Rapha to produce its team kit for the next four years, and the company launched its range of replica kit on Friday – on sale from mid-February 2013.

There are three tiers of Sky-branded clothing on offer: Pro-Team, Replica and City Wear & Supporter. Prices range from £15 for Sky socks, to £240 for a Sky softshell jacket.

The Pro-Team range is, as the name suggests, exactly the same clothing as the professional Sky riders will wear this season. The range includes jerseys, shorts, jackets and accessories. Price examples: short-sleeve jersey £140; race cape £220; bib shorts £170.

The mid-level Replica range looks like the pro-level clothing but uses different fabrics and fit to bring the price down a notch. The Replica range also includes ‘Wiggo’ branded items, women’s and children’s clothing. Price examples: short-sleeve jersey £75; bib shorts £100.

The City Wear & Supporter clothing range includes more casual items, cut for comfort and includes T-shirts, tops, jeans, scarves and other items perfect for cheering on the team from the roadside. Price examples: short-sleeve jersey £40; socks £15; musette £15; belt £70; cap £15.

“The opportunity to work with the riders and staff of Team Sky has always been about improving how they perform, look and feel as a ‘Team Sky rider 24-hours a day’,” said Rapha founder and CEO Simon Mottram.

“We are excited about the refinements we have brought to the on-bike clothing and are very glad to be able to redefine their look off the bike in a way more commensurate with the stature of these riders and the team.

“This has been a massive undertaking for everyone here at Rapha to get this launch today. To see the full breadth of the offer become a reality for everyone at Team Sky and for our customers is amazing.”

Evans Cycles will be stocking the complete range of Rapha Sky kit from February. For more information on the range and for pricing go to the Rapha website.

Above, left to right: Pro Team (£140), Replica (£75) and Supporter Sky (£40) jerseys

Above: The range includes cap, scarf and long-sleeve tops among its 60 items

Bernhard Eisel and Salvatore Puccio wearing the new Rapha Sky clothing

Edvald Boasson Hagen models the Norwegian champion’s version of the Sky kit, which will be available along with the British national champion jersey

  • Paul G

    Black kit again? Yawn. Well done: making an already bad kit design look worse..

  • Sam

    The Tour Down Under starts in 2 weeks. The temps in Oz are hotter than France usually offers up in Jul. I think we can safely assume that the Sky boys wont be falling off their bikes through over-heating

  • Ken Evans

    Black is NOT a high-visibility colour, for motorists to see !

  • James

    This continues to cause me no end of confusion…
    Why would anyone want to pay good money for decent kit, but have an advertisment for a large corporation written all over it?

  • Max

    Hum, the kit is all black eh? And they’re going to ride the Tour de France in it? Surely not beacause of the heat. So there will be a special TDF version, probably white or sky blue. Just to add to the rip-off. Another lesson learned from football.

  • M. S

    Better Buy two incase you fall off:)

  • Steve Colinese

    Though I liked (and bought) the adidas Team Sky kit, it wasn’t that cheap compared to some makes, so the Rapha replica gear looks reasonably priced. It actually looks classy too. However, where Rapha definately deserve credit is for the wide range of leisure and supporters clothing that’s going to be available-and at good prices too. Tee shirts for £25 and polos for £30-I can live with that. The other thing I like is the removal of the white panel from the back of the shirts, though in terms of safety whether that will help those of us who cycle in country lanes, only time will tell .

    Good luck to them. Give them a break, boys. I’ve ordered some stuff and the staff were very helpful

  • Roger

    Why this obsession with black at Rapha, are they all ex employees of undertakers?

  • Ian E

    What were Sky thinking of !!!!!! At these prices I don’t feel they are doing themselves any favours. A large number of young youth cyclists (our future) like to associate themselves with Team Sky and their riders, but what parents can afford to fork out this sort of money for growing youngsters, especially in these difficult financial times, I really do feel that Sky did not think this through properly.

  • gorgonzola

    Their website gives the impression of a classic British brand, how about backing that up with some loyalty to the British textile manufacturers, British people and British jobs. Sell a jersey for £140 by all means but don’t manufature this type of image to sell kit to us that was probably made in China for a few quid.

  • M.B.

    Sam you couldn’t be more right!

    Most cycling team jerseys retail around the £70 mark these days (probably the same as a football or rugby team kit right) so how have Rapha/Sky out priced themselves? £140 is the price for the Pro spec top which is like every other road kit brand’s top spec jersey whether you look at Gore/Castelli/Assos etc etc!

    Is no one else aware that last years Sky team kit was made purely for the team by Nalini and not by Adidas like the replica kit was for the public? It’s great that Rapha are actually offering the genuine team kit along side a £75 replica AND a £40 supporters top! So why so much whinging?

    Not to mention the point the last thing I want to see is your average muffin topped Sunday slogger in a skin tight jersey that is far from flattering so the ‘Replica’ and ‘Supporters’ jerseys will be doing us all a favour! If you’ve never seen a Rapha Pro Team Jersey first hand then how do you know what you’re talking about is not worth the money?

  • Dave Rowe

    £160 for a top? I’d expect it to take over pedalling up hills for that and cleaning my bike afterwards! As the mighty Sex Pistols once said ‘ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?’

  • Sam

    oh, and this isnt Sky’s commercials – its Rapha. Just as with the sponsorship models for Pinarello, Fiz, Bonts etc, Rapha sponsor and supply the kit, in this case for the next 4 years. Rapha design and have the kits produced for commercial sale, price it up, including the margin for themselves. Sky arent flogging the kit or getting a share of it. So how have Sky ‘out priced’ themselves? Its Rapha who will make the money on the sales.

  • Sam

    People, you not interested in the standard replica jersey at £75 which is just about £5 more than the previous Adidas one and about par with the standard replica jerseys available for other Pro Tour teams? The £140 is positioned as a ‘race-ready’ jersey. Sorry to disappoint that Brad and co dont actually wear the replica jersey standard but wear the Pro spec. Personally I’m fine with my usual Castelli jerseys, but get a grip. There are 3 options, and most roadies – IF they really want to buy team replica – would go for the £75 job.

  • sheldon

    I can’t imagine many cyclists will buy this kit. it’s a total rip-off. April fools day comes early. Black kit as well!!!!

  • PeterLB

    I’m willing to bet that these jerseys sell by the bucket load. And why shouldn’t they? Perhaps they’re worth every penny.

  • Phil English

    Do you get a free bike with every bit of clothing you buy at them prices.. Well done sky totally out priced yourself

  • Wobble

    “short-sleeve jersey £140” Those Chinese sweat shops must be getting expensive, at that price I would have expected they could make it in the UK and still make a profit.