Rapha Brevet long sleeve jersey review

The Rapha Brevet long sleeve jersey is a robust and versatile piece of kit which dries quickly and remains odourless

Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Rapha Brevet long sleeve jersey is a neat piece of kit that's definitely better suited to touring than just day rides. What's great though is that its quick drying, odourless and easy to layer underneath and on top off.

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    Good fit

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    Many pockets

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    Not like a standard cycling jersey so just be sure it's what your after!

The Rapha Brevet long sleeve jersey is like the Swiss Army Knife of Rapha's range. It's covered in pockets, zips and pull chords which makes it enormously versatile and able to keep pace with you no matter what your doing.

Rapha's Brevet range is for touring or multi-day epics so it has four pockets on the rear – three normal and one zipped. On my normal rides I only used the three standard pockets but it was nice to have the option to stuff more in the back if I needed to. On the front, it has another zipped pocket plus two draw chords around the waist to cinch it in tight.

Rapha Brevet long sleeve jersey

Many, many pockets

Out on the road, this versatility really comes across. I road in this jersey in some horrid February weather, and it held its own down to some very chilly temperatures. It's easy to layer around, and sits very nicely on top of my thick winter base layer and easily accommodates more on top of it, for example the Rapha Classic Rain Jacket II.

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The Rapha Brevet long sleeve jersey is partly made from merino, which is a firm favourite of mine for its odourless properties. Finishing rides where I'd been particularly layered up the jersey would be damp, but once dried it never smelled. It's a quality in a piece of kit that shouldn't be understated, and it means I'd be happy wearing the Rapha Brevet long sleeve jersey in temperatures anywhere from a couple degrees above zero to the low teens and for a couple days on the trot.

As with other Rapha products I've tested, my size small fit has been spot on for my skinny but lanky 5'11 frame. The torso fits well, and the sleeves sit nicely around my wrists rather than pulling up my forearms. It's also has a touch more length in the neck which helps keep the chill out.

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