Endura Pro SL Long Sleeve Jersey II review

Thin material belies the insulating properties of the Pro SL II

Endura Pro SL Long Sleeve Jersey II EC
Cycling Weekly Verdict

Superb fit and excellent performance make the Pro SL II one of the best long sleeve jerseys ever tested

Reasons to buy
  • +


  • +

    Impressive thermal properties

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    Eco credentials

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Sleeves are almost too long

  • -

    Wrist cuff is very tight to get on

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The Endura Pro SL Long Sleeve Jersey II was selected for an Editor's Choice award in 2020. This year's list contains 78 items which scored a 9 or 10/10 with our tech team - this gear is the best of the best, and has received the Cycling Weekly stamp of approval. 

Long sleeve jerseys can be a tricky bit of kit to get right. Do you make it really thick and warm so it's great for sub-zero conditions but too hot for spring and autumn riding? Or do you make it super thin for milder conditions and run the risk of it being too cold for many riders? Endura, ever the innovators, has managed to harness the best of both worlds with the new Pro SL II jersey.

I normally have a real trouble finding long sleeve jerseys that fit properly. Being quite wide at the shoulders whilst also being 'gifted' with arms as long as a Spider Monkey and as thin as noodles means that most end up fitting on the body but being really baggy and short on the arms. Not great in terms of aesthetics but also can't be helping me from an aerodynamic standpoint either. As soon as I tried the Pro SL II jersey on though I knew it was going to be good.

Endura Pro SL Long Sleeve Jersey II

(Image credit: James Bracey)

The material used is highly stretchable and quite thin. it doesn't have a fleecy backing like many long sleeve jerseys but does feel pretty soft and pleasant next to the skin. The other thing to note about the fabric is it is made using fully recycled products, something Endura are starting to push at a time when environmental impact and sustainability are becoming ever more important buzzwords in society. They aren't the only company to offer, visit our page on the best long sleeved cycling jerseys for more, this but it certainly is good to see.

The jersey is cut incredibly well and provides a very close to the body form-fit. It certainly is a jersey that can flatter (or not, dependent on how you feel) when it is on. It works well with a thin base layer and the good news is it doesn't feel constrictive even with a long sleeve layer underneath, something other close fitting jerseys can suffer from. The collar sits at a good height to protect the neck from the cold and it also features a split at the rear so it sits comfortably when in an aggressive riding position.

I have to mention the sleeves as the Pro SL II has some of the best fitting sleeves I have ever had on a jersey. Snug but not too tight, the sleeves completely eliminate the annoying wind flap that I normally get with a sleeve. If I have one gripe it's almost that Endura has made the sleeves too long, even for me. As the photos show there is a little excess wrinkled material near the cuffs, so if you are a little shorter in the arm department you might find quite a bit of excess material is left. The cuffs also fit very tight to the wrist so you need a little more finesse when pulling the sleeves on. This can also make it difficult to access a watch if you do wear one.

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I first used this jersey at Endura's recent event on the West coast of Scotland when the weather was inclement and the temperatures were hovering around the low single digits and the first thing that impressed me was how well the jersey stood up to the conditions. Now I do run warm when it comes to riding so I can often get away with less clothing than many but when combined with a gilet and base layer the Pro SL II kept my temperature in check and the material admirably coped with sweat build up.

This continued throughout my testing and I can now happily say that for me, the Pro SL II is definitely the jersey I wish I am wearing no matter the recent weather conditions. If you feel the cold the Pro SL II would still be an excellent mid-layer when the perfect combination would be a merino long-sleeve base layer, the Pro SL II jersey and then a thicker gilet.

Storage is really good thanks to the stretchy nature of the material and the detailing and styling are also really good. I love the Kingfisher colour but it is also available in a more traditional black or Fossil.

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