Rapha Merino Mesh base layer




  • Works in a wide range of temperatures


  • Expensive

Price as reviewed:

£55 for From

It’s odd to find an item 
of clothing that performs well across the seasons, yet that’s just what we have here with the 
Merino Mesh.

I’ve found that with the right windproof jackets it works well on cold winter days, and with thinner long-sleeve jerseys it manages to work into double-figure temperatures as well. I can’t think of another base layer that does this and works across such a wide temperature range.


The result is that while it’s definitely expensive, it’s not nearly as bad as something that’s winter or three-season-only because it has so much more use. To go along with that extra wear it’s plenty durable to boot — it’s a winner in our eyes.


Contact : www.rapha.cc