The International Cycling Union (UCI) today urged calm in the doping case involving Tour de France winner Alberto Contador.

“UCI regrets the inappropriate speculation,” it said in a press release, “and expresses its desire that this affair be drawn to a conclusion in an orderly fashion.”

The Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC) notified its cyclist yesterday that he faces a likely one-year ban and the loss of his third Tour de France title. Contador has 10 days to challenge the RFEC’s likely decision.

Contador tested positive for Clenbuterol on July 21 in Pau, the second rest day of the Tour de France. The UCI revealed the test result on September 30, after he won the race by 39 seconds over Luxembourg’s Andy Schleck.

Clenbuterol helps weight loss and breathing, and its use is prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Contador claims his test was a result of eating a contaminated steak bought just over the border from France in Irún, Spain.

Contador will speak at a press conference tomorrow in Palma, Spain, regarding the RFEC’s notification. He will be joined by Bjarne Riis, Team Manager of Saxo Bank. Contador signed for Saxo Bank before learning of his positive test result. He had raced for three years with team Astana.

Given the RFEC notification yesterday, Contador will likely be sanctioned.

“This information cannot in any way be considered as an anticipation of the definitive decision in the case,” said the UCI. “To date, Alberto Contador has not received a sanction and the UCI still awaits … to be informed of the decision.”

The UCI explained that today it received the documentation that the RFEC gave to Contador. However, it has to wait for the RFEC’s definitive ruling before it will consider an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

“Only the definitive decision, that must be issued by the RFEC, can fulfil this purpose.”

In addition to the UCI, Contador or the WADA can appeal the RFEC’s eventual ruling.

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  • Mike Cope

    Oh Alberto ,your press conference was so unconvincing –made even more so with erm Bjarne there , just to remind us all of how history keeps repeating itself . Life bans and jail sentences for cyclings fraudsters …UCI when will you actually start to do something?

  • reg green

    no way he should not be ban you should eat what you wont befor a hard race if you have a good night sleep come on its only 000.05 the chef you cook it for him must have known don t anybody test the food there for the sportmen the nutrisionists and the doctors to check the food

  • Richard Evans

    If he is not guilty then he should not be sanctioned, but if he is guilty then it’s a two year ban. He cannot be a little bit guilty as the proposed one year ban suggests, anymore than a woman can be a ‘little bit’ pregnant.
    After years of doing so, I am beginning to find it difficult to read any magazine articles about our so called heroes as I really do not trust any of them, even more so the old lags who manage and coach them.
    Where will Britsh Cycling stand if the Armstrong case prooves large scale long term organised doping in the US Postal team as one of Sky’s Director Sportives was right in there at the time?
    It actually makes me sick

  • Mike

    Contaminated meat? yea right.

    Lets face it, pro bike riders, of any level, dont eat steak the night before the hardest stage of the hardest race in the cycling calendar. They have top nutrisionists and doctors to check there food and fluid intake is optimal at all times.

    Dont try and take us for fools Alberto, even I wouldnt eat steak before a hard training day.

    Two year ban, same as the rest.

  • Colin S Upchurch

    I agree, 2 years is the mandatory ban, or did he co-operate by naming the butcher!

  • glyn ward

    have to agree with gary on this totally

  • Neil

    hear, hear Gary.

    Contador fan or not – 2 years and no less

  • Gary Metcalfe

    Two sides to the story…… First here’s another possible cheat and thief caught. Thief, becasue they steal the dreams of our kids and younger riders that they can win on ability and dedication. The other side of the story is that, here’s an innocent rider caught between a rock and a hard place, because all he did was eat the same meat as you and me. Sorry, I can’t buy that at all. These guys are paid an absolute fortune (ultimately by you and me) and have access to the very best medical and ethical advice so that just this type of “mistake” doesn’t happen. I have been an admirer of Contador because he is a brain haemorhhage survivor and looked like a great athlete. He should get the mandatory 2 year ban, and only by hitting th ebig guys as hard as everyone else will we eventually get a true and beautiful sport……..where real dreams are fulfilled by real athletes. Sorry Alberto………2 years please

  • arronski

    Steak and Clenbuterol for tea….. Yummy….. hehehe !