Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 8


  • Space for three bikes
  • Has passed a Loss Prevention Board attack test
  • Guaranteed for 25 years


  • Takes two hours to build
  • Not cheap


Trimetals Protectacycle


Price as reviewed:


You can’t be too careful if you don’t want your expensive kit half-inched. Even a garage/shed can be hard to secure — the Trimetals Protectacycle is a great solution.

It just needs flat, hard standing ground, 1.96×0.9m. Concrete is recommended but I had good success on a patio. You need to drill the ground anchor and fixings into whatever it’s sitting on, so the stronger the fixing the more secure it will ultimately be.

Delivered flat-packed, the Trimetals Protectacycle took over two hours to build and install, but that was with frozen fingers in winter.



There’s ample space for three adult bikes, with extra room for spare wheels, toolbox etc. The Trimetals Protectacycle has upheld its weatherproof claim, even in a foot of snow. It has a police endorsement and passed a Loss Prevention Board level one attack test — a thief would need to be well armed and persistent to beat it. Not cheap, but guaranteed for 25 years.

  • Nick

    Apparently thieves love these sheds. Medium-sized bolt cutters are enough to defeat the hasps and the cable. Trimetals are upgrading the hasps.

    The shed advertises that you have a valuable bike. If you want to keep it you might want to fit an alarm and upgrade the cable with one of those huge Almax chains.