SeaSucker Mini Bomber 2 Bike Rack review

The SeaSucker Mini Bomber bike rack journeyed with us over 1,900 miles across un-restricted autobahns of Germany: testing was thorough

Sea Sucker Mini Bomber Bike Rack
(Image credit: Picasa)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

If you can get over the concept of attaching your bike to the roof with no nuts and bolts - which I could - you'll discover a bike rack which is incredibly easy to use, transport and store. There's no way of locking the bike (without purchasing ad ons) which is a mild inconvenience but it sits at a price I would be very happy to pay - especially for the time and space saved with this rack.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Very light

  • +

    Easy to store when not in use

  • +

    Quick to attach

  • +


Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Can't lock the bike without ad ons

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Apparently the bikes on the car must always be worth more than the vehicle itself - but the existence of such a rule doesn't mean there aren't automobile conscious cyclists out there. Some of us like driving and riding - and what these people need is a reliable bike rack that isn't permanently fixed or unsightly.

Once a year, my partner in crime and I embark upon a bike assisted road trip. Driving between bucket-list attractions, parking up, riding, and usually stopping for beer, pizza and occasional sleep.

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