Scicon Aerotech Evolution bike box

Price as reviewed:


Given that baggage handlers have a reputation for destroying the indestructible, I have to say that it was a relief to see the Scicon Aerotech box and therefore my bike arrive intact on a number of occasions.

The hard plastic case is excellent and despite taking some obvious knocks it’s still in once piece. Packing the bike does not require any more stripping down than with a bag and the liner and wheel covers protect the bike sufficiently.

Wheels make moving the box easier but I still found myself needing to throw it on a trolley, as its manoeuvrability is not entirely straightforward.

The Scicon Aerotech does take up more space, however, as it cannot be manipulated like a bag, but this is a good thing where your bike is concerned.



I do find its staggering price of £639.99 pretty hard to swallow, especially if you use it just once a year. But when it comes to carrying my best bike abroad I have to concede that due to the reassurance it offers, I couldn’t be without the Aerotech.


Cons: It's not very manoeuvrable Expensive
Pros: It will protect your bike Wheels for easier moving