The Sidi Ergo 4 shoes are high performance shoes packed full of innovative tech. We put them to the test.

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Score 8

Sidi Ergo 4 shoes


  • Highly adjustable
  • Secure fastening system


  • Relatively heavy
  • Not as sleek or aero as some competitors


Sidi Ergo 4 shoes


Price as reviewed:


Sidi has been supplying high-end race shoes to the world’s best riders since the 1970s and the Italian company’s kicks remain very popular with the peloton’s most prominent riders – double Tour de France champion Chris Froome and multiple time trial world champion Tony Martin, to name just two.

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For just below £250 you get the Sidi Ergo 4 shoes, the company’s mid-tier option (its flagship Wire shoes cost around £300) and, a little surprisingly for a brand renowned for its narrow shoes, the Ergo 4 are available in a wide-fit option.

sidi ergo 4 shoes dial

Sidi’s Techno-3 dials are trickier to use on the moves than Boa dials

What really makes the Sidi Ergo 4 shoes stand out from the crowd is their high level of adjustability. You can alter the tension of the heel cup to create a snug fit around your heel and the wide instep strap can be moved and adjusted to prevent pressure points across the top of your foot.

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The shoes’ retention system includes a wire, two of Sidi’s proprietary Techno-3 buckles and a strap. This combination allows you to get a bespoke fit that is both comfortable and secure. Using the buckles to set the tension before a ride is easy, as is reducing the tension on the fly; however, compared to Boa dials they are more difficult to tighten on the move, especially if you are wearing gloves.

sidi ergo 4 shoes dial velcro strap

The Sidi Ergo 4 shoes are available in either standard or wide fit

Whereas many of Sidi’s competitors are introducing lace up shoes (such as the Giro Empire SLX and the Specialized S-Works Sub-6), it is unlikely the Italian company will be following this trend with its founder Dino Signori believing that, although laces may be popular for aesthetic reasons, they offer no performance benefits.

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A prerequisite of high performance shoes is a stiff sole. The Sidi Ergo 4 shoes come with a 12 composite carbon sole which is light and feels like it offers good power transfer to the pedals – however it took a few rides to get use to the firm shoe bed.

sidi ergo 4 shoes carbon sole 3 bolt

The carbon composite offers the excellent power transfer that you’d expect

There’s a lot to like about the Sidi Ergo 4 shoes. The main draw is the high level of adjustability which helps you get a bespoke fit – you can also get a unique look by customising your kicks with different colour straps and buckles. On the other hand, for competition shoes they are relatively heavy and a little bulky.

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I can't fault the comfort of the Sidi Ergo 4 shoes, with two dials, a velcro strap, and an adjustable heel cup making it easy to get the perfect fit. However, given the price, you also expect them to be sleek and light, and unfortunately they are neither.


Sizes Available:38-48
Fits Available:Normal, Wide Fit
Colours Available:Black, White
  • johnhardy

    Interesting review; thank you. I bought a pair of these about 3 weeks ago to replace some ageing Northwaves (went for white – reallly quite nice in the flesh) and have done a few hundred k in them now. I have a relatively wide foot, so was concerned that they might be a bit narrow. I tried the “mega” fitting which is SIDI speak for wide but found them too wide. I also tried the SIDI Wires, which were not as comfortable or as immediately malleable to the foot (they dont have the mesh panels and are therefore a harder shoe). Other contenders were S Works, DMT RI, and SPIUKs (really quite tempting – but bright). In the end I went for these. First few ks I had buyers remorse, I really thought I had got it wrong. But then a little adjustment and spot on. They really are very comfortable and as the review suggests very adjustable (also come in 1/2 sizes). The heel cup screws are particularly helpful to reduce heel lift. I also found the index on the bottom of the sole pretty helpful for setting up my Time cleats. Plenty stiff, but not tiring on so far 3+ hour runs. I must confess that although some of the other contenders were lighter that once on I was not conscious that they were particularly heavy. Moreover they are no hot (currently about 18-20 where I am, so admitadly not a real test yet). One of the things that do strike me however is how well they are put together compared to some other shoes, and the attention to detail. For example there are two small buttons you press on the dial to release, and a finger indent on the other side which you pull back; nice touch. One of the other aspects of the shoe which attracted me were that whilst all the wear items were replaceable, none of the bits e.g. toe bumpers, or heel pieces appeared to be vulnerable. All in all I would recommend this product.