Peter Sagan is no stranger to the weird, or the wonderful – and his New Year gift to his fans certainly delivers plenty of the former.

Alongside his wife Katarína Smolková, Sagan delivers a full rendition of ‘You’re The One That I Want’, apparently as part of his sponsorship deal with Slovak health food company Sun-Root.

The quiff is pretty special, and as ever with Peter Sagan, he definitely gives it his all.

Sagan married Smolková in a somewhat characterful ceremony in November to cap off a year that saw him further cement his position as one of modern cycling’s most talented, and most popular, riders.

Although he failed to win a stage at this year’s Tour de France, he amassed an astonishing five second-placed finishes, and won plaudits for consistently combative riding on a variety of stages. In the process he secured a comfortable victory in the points competition for his fourth successive green jersey win.

Sagan won a single stage at the Vuelta a Espana, but his greatest success of 2015 came in Richmond, Virginia, when he launched a brilliant solo attack to win the World Championships Road Race.

For many cycling fans, however, Sagan’s year will be remembered not just for his successes on the road, but his antics off it. Photobombs, ski-slope stunts and a constant eye for fun – he’d sprinkle star-dust on any sport.

  • @lukegraysonvelo

    Fantastic 😀 Enjoyed watching this slightly inebriated on NYE

  • John Airey

    Think his next career is already sorted!

  • John Senior

    Much more interesting than technical discussions of tyre treads, reviews of bikes you’ll never afford and performance data that’s incomprehensible without a proper context! More points towards Sagan being World rider of the Year – and I don’t like agreeing with Tinkoff but Sagan was probably the rider of the Tour just edging out Froomey and G.

  • Mike Prytherch

    Love it well done sir

  • Nigel Rue

    Perhaps Peter Sagan should think about joining Orica Greenedge. I think he would fit right in there.