Join us for E-Bike Live: a week dedicated to electric bikes

Five days of exciting electric bike tips, advice and know-how

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Cycling Weekly is excited to invite its readers to 'E-Bike Live' - a week of content focused specifically around the growing electric bike market.

For five power-packed days, we'll be bringing how-to guides, tech explainers and buying advice on electric bicycles. 

Between June  14-18, we've got a host of articles tailored to help electric bike owners, or prospective owners, get the very most from their supercharged bikes.

Here's a look at the schedule of content we've got coming your way:

Monday, June 14 

How much exercise do you get on an e-bike?

Ah, the age-old question - do you get any real exercise on an electric bike? Well, the bike doesn't ride itself! We take a look at the difference in exertion between riding an assisted bike vs a traditional bike.

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E-Bike Live Q&A

Hosted by Rob Spedding, our E-Bike Q&A session sees editor's Michelle Arthurs-Brennan (Cycling Weekly) and Danny Milner (MBR) joined by ACE Bicycles Tony Pantling and Ribble Cycles' Jamie Burrow.  

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Tuesday, June 15 

How to choose an e-bike motor for your needs

E-bike motors vary - the biggest difference being in weight distribution and torque. We'll explain what you need to look for when selecting your system.

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How to choose your perfect e-bike

If choosing a bike wasn't hard enough, then there's the added pressure of selecting the right motor system to go with the chassis. We take a look at the options, in partnership with Ribble Cycles.

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Wednesday, June 16 

How far can you ride on a single e-bike charge?

Range anxiety is real, and it can take some practice to learn how far you can ride before you need to start looking for a charging port. We guide you through the process.

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Understanding the e-bike and how to get the most from it

If you've newly joined the e-bike peloton, you may be wondering if there are more features you have yet to unlock. We take a look at some of the great in-app options that come with most systems.

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Thursday, June 17 

The anatomy of an e-bike motor

Still not sure exactly which part of your e-bike motor delivers the power, or how to adjust the assistance given? We've got all the information you need.

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How to store an e-bike

Electric bikes are usually heavier than traditional bikes, and most users don't want to be carrying them up and down the stairs. But can you leave them outside? It's probably not wise. We'll outline the need-to-know.

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Friday, June 18

Are e-cargo bikes the answer to all our traffic woes?

One of the primary arguments sceptics of electric bikes use is that you can't carry heavy equipment just as you can in a car or van. But cargo e-bikes have all they need to quieten these voices. 

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Our E-Bike Live week is brought to you in partnership with Cube, Ribble Bicycles, and Whyte.

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