These stretches will save you more watts than any aero bike could ever promise

Can pulling on tendons and muscles really benefit your riding – or is that simply stretching the truth?

A man in cycling kit doing stretches
(Image credit: Richard Butcher)

Stretching might not directly make you go faster, but indirectly it could. If stretching improves mobility and flexibility, that may allow you to hold a more powerful or more aerodynamic position, improving performance that way. 

With the rider making up around 85% of a bike/cyclist unit's Coefficient of Drag Area (CdA), it's universally accepted that there are greater gains to be found via optimising position, than in optimising the bike for the vast majority of riders, especially amateurs. However, many cyclists are held back by a lack of mobility.

Tim Piggott headshot
Tim Piggott

Tim Piggott is a lecturer at the University of Salford, as well as being a physio, coach and bike-fitter. He has worked with countless elite athletes, including GB Olympic and Paralympic stars. His username on X is @HP3_Tim and on Instagram he is timpigotthp3.

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Charlotte Broughton

Charlotte Broughton is a British rider, racing for the KDM-Pack women’s cycling team. An accomplished writer, she is a regular on the pages of Cycling Weekly magazine.