Maurten Bicarb System review - an old concept gets new life, but how useful is it for amateur cyclists?

Sodium bicarbonate has long been used to help professional athletes eke out an extra percentage point in their performances, but bicarb spells trouble for most GI systems. Has Maurten cracked the code?

Maurten Bicarb system
(Image credit: Kristin Jenny)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Maurten Bicarb System is a pricey addition to one’s nutrition plan for little measurable benefit and the potential drawback of major digestive upset. Due to the inexact performance benefit it provides, it can be difficult to tell if the product is working for the individual. The texture is highly unpleasant to consume and the athlete must proceed with extreme caution regarding one’s digestive tract when using this product. For $65 USD, most athletes can go without and not forgo any benefits.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Potential benefit for cyclists who regularly do high-intensity training

  • +

    Can help lessen frequency of muscle cramps

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Unpleasant texture and lots of product to consume

  • -

    Expensive for only four doses

  • -

    Can only be used sparingly

  • -

    Can cause extreme digestive system distress

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Maurten is an endurance nutrition brand created in 2015 and has since made a name for itself by sponsoring athletes such as Ironman World Champion Gustav Iden, marathon world record holder Eliud Kipchoge, and professional cycling team Novo Nordisk. 

Maurten products (gels, solid bars, and drink mixes) are known for their minimalist packaging and minimalist features - simple textures, no added colorings, and only one flavor option to choose from - no flavor at all.

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Kristin Jenny
Freelance Contributor

Kristin Jenny is an elite triathlete based near Boulder, Colorado. Although most of her time is spent in aerobars somewhere in the mountains, she finds time to enjoy eating decadent desserts, hiking with her husband and dog, and a good true crime podcast.